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What year did the Red Sox adopt the name Red Sox?


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The Boston Red Sox adopted the name "Red Sox" as their official name late in 1907. Prior to the change, the Red Sox were known as the Boston Americans.

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The American League team in Boston was officially nicknamed the Red Sox in 1908.

The name White Sox came from sports writers from the Chicago Tribune who used the term "Sox" as a shortened version of their original name: The Chicago White Stockings. The White Sox are one of the original teams of the American League founded in 1901. and the White Stockings was changed to the White Sox by 1904. The Red Sox were originally the Boston Americans and did not adopt the name Red Sox until 1908. Therefore, The White Sox are the ORIGINAL Sox team. Not The Red Sox.

The FIRST Red Sox with red socks were in 1908 when the team adopted the name Red Sox and took over the color red from the Boston Nationals.

The Red Sox were known as the Boston Americans until 1908, when they changed their name to the Red Sox (or sometimes the Red Socks or Red Stockings).

The Red Sox won the division in 2007.

Red Sox First YearbookThe first year the Red Sox published a yearbook was 1951

The Boston Red Sox along with the American League joined the National League in 1901 to form Major League Baseball. The team name at the time was the Boston Americans. In 1907 the team name was changed to the Red Sox.

he joined the red sox in 04 or 05

The Red Sox player of the year in 1967 was the Hall of Fame great Carl Yastrzemski.

Babe Ruth made $1,900.00 in his rookie year with the Red Sox in 1914. His last year with the Red Sox in 1919 he made $10,000.

In a year by year breakdown, 2009 Red Sox 8 Yankees 0; 2008 Tie at 9 wins each; 2007 Red Sox 8 Yankees 10; 2006 Red Sox 8 Yankees 11, 2005 Red Sox 9 Yankees 11; 2004 Red Sox 11 Yankees 8; 2003 Red Sox 9 Yankees 10; 2002 Red Sox 9 Yankees 10; 2001 Red Sox 5 Yankees 13; 2000 Red Sox 6 Yankees 7.

the red sox got their name from the first ever major league baseball team; the cincinatti red stockings

Johnny Pesky commenced playing with the Red Sox in 1942.

The Boston Red Sox used to be called the Boston Braves.

The Boston Red Sox joined the American League in 1912.

Red Sox catcher Carlton Fisk was the original Pudge.

its called the boston red sox

assuming that this was submitted in 2009, the Red Sox have 89 wins as of September 20th

The Braves have played in nine World Series, but never against the Red Sox.

1950 Walt Dropo, Boston Red Sox, 1B 1961 Don Schwall, Boston Red Sox, P 1972 Carlton Fisk, Boston Red Sox, C 1975 Fred Lynn, Boston Red Sox, OF 1997 Nomar Garciaparra, Boston Red Sox, SS 2007 Dustin Pedroia, Boston Red Sox, 2B

1985 for the Boston Red Sox when he hit .368. Boggs also hit .366 for the 1988 Red Sox, .363 for the 1987 Red Sox, and .361 for the 1983 Red Sox.

The White Sox play at U.S. Cellular Field and The Red Sox play at Fenway.

1901. The first year of operation of the American League was 1901. But at that time, they were not called the Red Sox. They were just called the Boston Americans.

The Red Sox swept the Colorado Rockies 4-0 in 2007.

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