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what year did amerindians came to the caribbean


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They came to the CARIBBEAN for adventurous reasonS

the amerindians or indigenous people of the Caribbean came to Caribbean in search of food.

they came in search of a better live

what evidence is ther of the amerindians in the caribbean?

Amerindians didn't come into the British Caribbean - they came long BEFORE the British did. They were the very first inhabitants of the Caribbean , cannoing up the islands from South America.

the amerindians came by foot

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amerindians were first to ener the caribbean

Amerindians settled in the Caribbean. They migrated there and the 2 main groups, Awaraks and Caribs were the ones to settle in Caribbean.

Christianity Technically it isnt Christianity because the indigenous people (Amerindians) were the first known settlers in the Caribbean so unless evidence can prove that there were people inhabiting the Caribbean before the Amerindians then the first religion would be whatever the Amerindians believed in. Christianity was not introduced to the Caribbean until the late 1400's/early 1500's shortly after Columbus rediscovered the Caribbean looking for India

Amerindians lived in the Caribbean but were extincted by the Spaniards

The Arawaks and the Caribs. :)

why did the amerindians came to guyana

the amerindian came to the caribbean across an ice bridge called the bering strait in search of food , new land and escaping from the waring tribes

the amerindians came to Guyana by foot

They settled in most of the Caribbean and some of them are still alive.

the amerindians came to guyana in search of food and living space

the amerindians came to antigua for food and for land ,not because they were forced

The Amerindians came from North America

Amerindians would have come across to the Caribbean during the ice age. All the frozen goodness created a path from Asian to the Caribbean that's known as the bering strait. of course this is only a theory but its generally the most accepted theory

The original people of the Caribbean are referred to as Amerindians. The two main tribes were the Arawaks and Caribs. It was after the latter that the name Caribbean originated.

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