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What year did the first talking motion picture appear?


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August 21, 2015 12:45AM

The" Jazz singer" with Al Jolson is often thought of as the first full "talkie film", but

The first all-talking (or all-dialogue) picture was a gangster film - Warners' experimental entry with sound and dialogue was director Brian Foy's crude Lights of New York (1928).

Nonetheless, it had 24 transitional titles. [All ten of 1928's 'all-talking' films were made at Warners.] The first all-talkie picture in Great Britain, Blackmail (1929), was made by British director Alfred Hitchcock. The film was originally released as a silent film, but the studio pressured Hitchcock into adding dialogue sequences (with innovative post-synchronization techniques) for a talkie version. The suspenseful film was advertised by posters: "See & Hear It - Our mother tongue as it should be - SPOKEN! 100% Talkie. 100% Entertainment. Hold everything till you've heard this one!"