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The first year the panda became endangered was in 1973

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Q: What year did the panda become endangered?
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Related questions

What year did the red panda become endangered?

The red panda became endangered in 1996.

When did red panda become endangered?

the red panda became endangered on today

How has giant panda become endangered?

[people hunt it] i believe so ....... i definatley kno the red panda is .... but I'm pretty sure most species of panda are endangered

Are panda's endangered?

Yes Panda's are endangered

What is any species that is likely to become endangered if it is not protected?

panda bears

Why did giant panda bears become extinct or endangered?

giant pandas are not extinct but endangered because of humans destroying the panda's bambo forests for farmland diving them to oblivion

When did dolphins become endangered?

Dolphins become endangered every year !

Which is more endangered the grizzly or the panda?

The panda. The grizzly is not an endangered species.

Is it the panda endangered or extinct?


What year did the endangered species become endangered?

Different creatures become endangered, or not, at different times.

How endangered is the giant panda?

the giant panda is the most endangered animal in china.

Is the red panda the most endangered panda?

Yes, the red panda is considered endangered while the giant panda is considered vulnerable.

Why did the panda become an endangered animal?

the people in china killed it for food and because they were useless

What events happened that the panda got endangered?

The major reason the panda is endangered is because humans encroach on their territory. Habitat loss is why the panda is endangered.

Is the giant panda a endangered species?

The giant panda is a very endangered species due to the lack of habitat in China. It is also endangered because bamboo and eucalyptus leaves, the only foods they will eat, have become very scarce.

What will help stop the endangered animal the red panda?

what can we do to stop the endangered the red panda

What is the most endangered species of panda?

The giant panda, although both species are endangered.

What year did peacocks become endangered?

Peacocks and peahens are not endangered.

When did red pandas become extinct?

The Red Panda is not extinct yet, but there is only around about 2500 Red Panda adults now and they are endangered.

When did rede pandas become endangered?

The red panda first become endangered in 1996. As of June 2014, there are only 2,500 or so left in the wild and they have become extinct in several of the Chinese provinces.

What is the status of the red panda's endangered level?

The red panda is now considered to be endangered.

Which is more endangered - panda or gray wolf?

i think panda is more endangered than the wolf The panda is definitly more endangered. As a species, the gray wolf is not endangered. Just some local populations are.

Is a panda bear endangered?

The Panda Bear is on the list among endangered animals. The Panda has about 1,600 bears in the wild, and about 300 in zoos.

Are is the pandans endangered?

yes the Giant panda is endangered

Is Panda endangered?

yes they are