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They still sell cigarettes in vending pubs and clubs, casinos and such.

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How come people won't stop selling cigarettes?

There is no law against selling cigarettes. There is a law against selling them to underage minors.

Why are cigarettes made if they are dangerous?

Because too many people would just refuse to stop making, selling and using them.

Why do people keep making cigarettes?

One Word..... MONEYPeople are still buying them so people are still selling them. If they are still making money then they won't stop selling them.

What can stop the machines?

The machine operator can stop machines.

Should Australia stop mining and selling uranium?

Stop for the selling; don't stop mining.Stop selling, not mining

What are some ideas for a new law?

you could ban smoking not only in public areas but everywhere. stores should stop selling cigarettes. idk

Does cigarettes stop your menstruation?


Can authority stop someone selling loose cigarettes?

This is very difficult to stop. They can stop this when they discover it, but usually, someone has to complain. It is illegal, but many shops and individuals do sell loose cigarettes. Not all the places have the loose cigarettes in the open, but if you ask for them, they will sell them to you. It is not on the priority of things to tackle, when there are more pressing things to handle such as drug dealing on the premises, misuse of food assistance cards, and even armed robberies of convenience stores.

Finding The Best Location For Your Vending Machine?

The best locations for vending machines are going to be in and around impulse buyers. They are the shoppers that don’t really need to shop, but buy on impulse. The best locations for these are in and around grocery stores where people are either making a quick stop, hang out for long periods of time or buy on impulse. Putting these vending machines in shopping malls, grocery stores and convenient stores is great for your business because these are high traffic areas. The likelihood that people will stop for something quick and inexpensive to drink or eat is very great after they’ve already spent a great deal of money and time there. It is well known that grocery stores have a high number of purchases made from products placed in checkout lanes. Place a drink vending machine at the beginning or end of these aisles and you will see your business start to pick up steam. Another great way to see business skyrocket is to set a vending machine where people generally congregate for a length of time. This can be anywhere from theme parks, shopping centers, schools, subway stations, plazas, hotels and even night clubs. These types of vending machines can even include cigarette vending machines in night clubs and subway stations or anywhere that smoking is permitted. You can also place vending machines in places where it is convenient for people to make stops coming from trips. Placing soda, snack and even hot and cold meal vending machines in gas stations across the country is a great way to attract customers. A good general rule is to place your machines in areas of high traffic. Anywhere where huge numbers of people congregate for a period of time is a sure fire way to increase your sales.

How do you stop throat irritation from cigarettes?

Stop Smoking DUUHHHHH

How do you quit cigarettes?

you stop smoking

Why is smoking cigarettes hard to stop?

Yes, depending on the person cigarettes are highly addictive.

Is harder to stop taking drugs or stop smoking cigarettes?


What time do they stop selling alcohol in VA?

I live in Va. They stop selling it at midnight.

Is it illegal to transport cigarettes from Florida to New York?

It might be and cigarettes have no good in them. STOP SMOKING!

Does smoking cigarettes make you stop growing?


How do you make your boyfriend stop selling drugs again?

You can encourage him to stop selling drugs, but you aren't going to make him stop selling them. You could stop seeing him and find a guy who is not a drug dealer.

How much are pall mall cigarettes?

Please don't buy cigarettes at ALL. They have been responisible for killing many peoples' lives. Including babies and kids. I am not sure how much pall mall cigarettes are, so please think twice before buying a packet of cigarettes. They are really harmful to your body especially the lung and heart. The government should definitely stop selling cigarette packets in the shops.

When did Obama stop smoking cigarettes?

just know

How do you stop smoking cigarettes and pot?

You make yourself

How do you stop friends taking my cigarettes?

quit smoking

What time do they stop selling Powerball tickets?

They stop selling at 7:30 EST Wednesday and Saturday.

What are some effective ways to stop smoking cigarettes?

Some effective ways to stop smoking cigarettes is to set a quit date, go and maybe chew on something to keep your mind away from cigarettes like gum, make an honest list on why you like smoking and how hard it is to stop smoking.

Why don't they just stop selling cigarettes if no one can buy no one can smoke them?

It brings in revenue for the United States of America. Also, there is a conspiracy theory that the government wants people to die for population control.

Why did they stop selling pitch black Mountain Dew?

They stop selling it ecuase some peeps died and it was black

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