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you can use any twin cam motor from 1992 to 2002, assuming you use your original intake manifold. it will bolt up to any of the twin cam motors. the only problem you might run into is your vehicle uses two coolant sensors, newer motors, 96 and up, only use one. the solution is simple though. the spot where your second sensor mounted into, is cast over in the newer heads. you will need to drill a hole, and tap it to fit your sensor. I've also seen some people place the sensor between the oil dipstick tube and engine block, not recommended by any means, but it does work. you will also need to switch over all your sensors. Crankshaft, Knock, Oil pressure, purge solonoid if you use a newer engine. Also 1992 to 1994 use non-electronic EGR. In order to use these motors you have to use a 1994 California Emissions EGR adapter. This is used to be availble from Saturn but is no longer. You can find them at junkyards if your lucky. Otherwise you can make your own, it involves making a base pate and welding a tube to another base plate to adapt the bolt pattern.


You will also need new exhuast manifolds and downpipe for '99 engines or later. Its easiest to get a '94-'97 for plug and play operation. As said you will need a EGR adapter for '96 and up.

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Q: What year engines interchange with a 1995 Saturn sc2 vin 7?
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