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Q: What year is the schwinn s-25 bike?
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What year is schwinn skyliner bike?

I called Schwinn......they said it was made in 2008.

What year is Schwinn bike serial number H19577 I believe this bike is at least from the 1940s?

The Schwinn bike serial number H19577 was made in 1951.

How can I tell what year my bike is?

When did they put the 2 speed on schwinn bikes?

In what year did Schwinn first produce the Schwinn Krate?

Schwinn first produced the Schwinn Krate in 1963. This bike was characterised by a small front wheel and large handlebars, making it look like a chopper.

What year is a schwinn tempo road bike if the serial number is 4003885?


What year was peewee Herman's bike?

1941 Schwinn dx.

What year is Schwinn bike serial number BK521954?

Bk=Black 52=model# 1954=year of manufacture

Is there a schwinn 684 oakley bike?

There is a Schwinn 684 aluminum road bike, made in the 90s. Oakley 684 is a pair of goggles.

What year is a schwinn serial number mr850439?

I just searched for the serial number of my Schwinn Collegiate. From the same source it appears that mr850439 was manufactured in December 1980. Here is a reference:

where can I get my schwinn bike tuned up in orlando fl. and what is included in a tune up?

where can I get my schwinn bike tuned up in orlando fl.and what does a tune up consist of

How do you change display panel batteries on schwinn 222 recumbent bike?

how to install batteries for schwinn 222

How can one purchase a Schwinn Recumbent bike?

One can purchase a Schwinn Recumbent bike at Sears, Walmart or Dick's Sporting Goods. This exercise bike is available on line at Amazon, eBay and Blowflex Catalog.