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what is a 16ga bolt action j.c.higgens model 58314 worth

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Q: What year model is a savage model 170 30-30 pump a598561?
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When was the savage model 170 series a 3030 made?

the savage model 170 pump rifle was made from 1970-1981.

Where would you find a parts breakdown for savage 3030 pump action rifle I think it is model 170 thank you?

What is the model of savage 30-30 pump?

A Savage 30-30 pump is the model 170 , they were manufactured from 1970-1981

How do you age model 67e stevns pump shotgun?

Your savage model 67 shotgun was made in the 1970,s and discontinued by savage in 1989.

What is the value of the Savage Model 30F 410 pump shotgun?


What is the value of a Savage model 67 pump shotgun mint condition?

About $200

Where can you get an owners manual for a savage model 28 pump shotgun?

Try eBay

What year did savage begin to manufacture the model 170 30-30 pump?

savage firearms began making the model 170,in 1970 and ended in 1981.

Disassembly instructions for 22 Savage Arms rifle?

savage model 25 pump action 22 long rifle

How old is the savage springfeild model 67 f pump 20 gauge?

Your savage/stevens model 67 was produced in recent times having finished production of this model in 1989.

What is the age model number and value of a 22 Savage pump rifle serial 5317OL produced in Utica NY?

WHAT is the age model number and value or a 22 savage pump rifle serial 5317OL produced in Utica NY ?

What does a 30 30 model 170 pump look like?

I assume you mean a Savage Model 170 rifle. The link below will take you to a website with photos of a Savage 170.

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