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Q: What year was Shaquille O'Neal's rookie year?
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How tall are shaquille oneals parents?

15.5mom 20.11 dad

What was Shaquille's early childhood like?

shaquillle oneals childhood was bad his dad abused him mentally and phyically

How old Shaquille O'Neal when he got rookie?

shaq 20 years when was a rookie .

What is shaquille oneals siblings names?

According to his Bio on "Has two sisters, Ayesha and Lateefah and one brother, Jamal"

Where can i sell Shaquille O'Neal's rookie card?

You can sell your Shaquille O'Neal rookie card at any sports memorabilia shop near you. You can also try to advertise the card on local classified ads.

USA basketball upper deck 1993 rookie of the year shaquille o neal?

I HAVE THIS CARD TOO! I can't find its value anywhere.

What is shaquille oneals grandparents name?

Shaquille O'neal's grandfather on his father's side is named Sirreal O'neal. He married Janeal Porter in 1937, who adopted the last name O'neal. It is a rumor within the O'neal family that names must rhyme but, in fact, this is purely coincidence.

What is the value of a Shaquille O'Neal graded NMMT8 rookie card?


What are 5 awards Shaquille O'Neal received?

Rookie of the year Most Valuable Player of the year Finals MVP Allstar Game MVP FIBA World Championship MVP

Who was the center when Kobe Bryant was in his rookie year?

Shaquille O'Neal was the center in the LA Lakers. With shaq and Kobe on their team, they won three championships in a row.

How many Shaquille O'Neal fleer ultra rookie cards were printed?


What is the value of Shaquille O'Neal rookie card?

I have one, I heard its around $300