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I have a cassette with the Miracle Song on it and it was released in 1991, titled Timeless, The Very Best of Neil Sedaka. It has a picture of him in a sweater leaning on a piano. That song is one of my favourites. I cannot find it on a CD though.

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Q: What year was The Miracle Song by Neil Sedaka released?
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Did Neil sedaka record Diana?

Neil Sedaka (b.1939) did not write the song "Diana", but he did record the song and for a while there was a battle over who did it best -- Sedaka or Paul Anka who wrote and recorded the song in May 1957.

Who recorded the song Diana?

That would be Neil Sedaka.

Who wrote the song called miss the hungry years?

Neil Sedaka

Has Neil Sedaka ever written a song for Olivia Newton John?


Who is the singer of the song oh carol?

Neil Sedaka is the singer of Oh Carol.

Why did Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield write the song love will keep us together?

"Love Will Keep Us Together" was written in 1973 by Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield. It was their last song together, and was a song commemorating their friendship and collaboration.

What song did Renee Olstead sing at the Neil Sedaka tribute?

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Did Neil Sedaka write One more Mountain to Climb as recorded by DrMusic?

Yes, it is Neil Sedaka's original song that the Toronto, Canada jazz group recorded in 1972. It can also be found performed by Sedaka in his 2006 album What Have They Done to the Moon.

In 1993 why did Neil Sedaka leave the stage and let Neil Diamond perform the rest of Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen?

well because 1 it was Neil Diamonds concert he was on stage promoting his 1993 album Up the Roof and Neil Sedaka was not on tour with me he was only a guest and 2 the song ended before Neil Sedaka left the stage

Did Neil Sedaka make a record singing penny arcade?

Neil Sedaka (b. 1939) did not sing nor write the song "Penny Arcade". It was written by UK musician Sammy King for Roy Orbison who recorded the song in 1969.

What artist sang the song 'Oh Carol'?

Often confused with the Chuck Berry song titled simply, "Carol", the song "Oh Carol" was originally performed by Neil Sedaka and was released in 1959.

What was the number 1 billboard song for August 5 1962?

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do by Neil Sedaka

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