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I have a cassette with the Miracle Song on it and it was released in 1991, titled Timeless, The Very Best of Neil Sedaka. It has a picture of him in a sweater leaning on a piano. That song is one of my favourites. I cannot find it on a CD though.


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That would be Neil Sedaka.

Neil Sedaka is the singer of Oh Carol.

well because 1 it was Neil Diamonds concert he was on stage promoting his 1993 album Up the Roof and Neil Sedaka was not on tour with me he was only a guest and 2 the song ended before Neil Sedaka left the stage

I hear laughter in the rain, by Neil Sedaka

Often confused with the Chuck Berry song titled simply, "Carol", the song "Oh Carol" was originally performed by Neil Sedaka and was released in 1959.

did neal record paul anka `s Diana

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do by Neil Sedaka

Breaking up is hard to do by Neil Sedaka

Bad Blood - Neil Sedaka (w/ Elton John)

Yes,Neil Sedaka (b. 1939) did write a song named "You". It starts out:You put a smile upon my faceWhen there was nothing left but sorrowYou showed me how to live againAnd I'm so grateful for your love.I bless the day you came to meFor God has sent me down an angel

The song "If I Were a Carpenter" was not recorded by Neil Sedaka. It was written by Tim Harden and recorded by him in 1967.1966: top ten hit for Bobby Darin1968: top 20 hit pop and soul for The Four Tops1970: #2 on Country Chart for Johnny Cash and June Carter

The #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 on 22 Oct 1975 was Bad Blood by Neil Sedaka.

"The Diary" was Neil Sedaka's (b.1939) first hit reaching #14 on the US Billboard chart in 1958. It was originally given to Little Anthony and The Imperials, who did record it, but it was a flop. In an interview, Sedaka said that he wrote the song after seeing Connie Francis write in her diary. He asked if he could see it, and she replied with a resounding "NO!".

Hannah Montannah (Miley Cyrus) Sings the current song "My Super Sweet Sixteen"Happy birthday sweet sixteen was originally sung by Neil Sedaka.

Not Pat and Debbie Boone but Neil Sedaka and daughter Dara singing "Should've Never Let You Go."

"Significhi tutto per me" (You mean everything to me) was included in Neil Sedaka's album Sings the Hits (1999). He originally wrote and sang the song in 1960 and it reached #17 on the US Billboard Chart.

Yes, he co-wrote one, "When Love Comes Knockin' (At Your Door)," along with Carole Bayer Sager. It was on the Monkees' second album, "More of the Monkees."

Neil Sedaka (b. 1939) did not, but Toby Keith does have a song that mentions Gene Autry -----Chorus of "I Should Have Been a Cowboy"I should been a cowboyI should learn to rope and rideWearing my six-shooter, riding my pony on a cattle driveStealing young girls heartsJust like Gene and Roy [[Gene Autry and Roy Rogers]]Singing those campfire songsOh, I should have been a cowboy.

Hi: Its a song called Bad Blood by Neil Sedaka. The show uses a recording done with Neil and Elton John. Heres a clip of the show Take Care....

The Tokens, who are probably most famous for their song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", consisted of Neil Sedaka, Eddie Rabkin (who was later replaced by Jay Siegel), Cynthia Zolotin, and Hank Medress.

The Miracle - song - was created in 1988.

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