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United States

1979: Cigars and Pipes banned on aircraft

1988: Smoking banned on US Domestic flights under 2 hours

1990: Smoking banned on US Domestic flights under 6 hours

1998: Smoking banned on all US Domestic flights

2000: Federal law introduced banning smoking on all flights by US airlines.

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Q: What year was smoking banned on international flights?
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What year did they ban smoking on airplanes?

The smoking ban started in 1995 with California being the first state to enact it. Since then, many other states have followed suit, and most states in the United States do not allow smoking in any restaurants, bars or pubs anymore.

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What year did all US airlines ban smoking on flights under 2 hours?


What year was smoking banned on trains?

Smoking has never been permitted on Eurostar trains. This is a health & safety issue to reduce the chance of a train catching fire.

What year did the no smoking law in Massachusetts establish?

The statewide smoking ban in Massachusetts became effective on July 1, 2004. Smoking is banned in all enclosed public places and workplaces, including restaurants and bars.

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They cannot smoke in "collège" (school for 11-15 year old students). Before 2007 there were smoking zones in "Lycées"(school for 15-18 year old students) but since 2007, smoking has been banned completely.

What year did US hospitals ban smoking?

I was born in 1979 and while my mother was having contractions, the doctor was smoking in the labor room. One of the nurses said "One of these days you're going to blow the place up, smoking around that oxygen.." the state of Maryland in 1979 it was legal. In my lifetime, I have no memories of smokers in hospitals.Recently, area hospitals have banned smoking on hospital property. A smoker used to be able to smoke at designated areas.In airports, there were designated smoking rooms.My mother said that people used to be able to smoke on airplanes. In 1994, smoking was banned in our local shopping malls.

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One of the first in the world was in Mexico, where smoking was banned in churches in 1575. In Europe, perhaps surprisingly, Nazi Germany led the way in the 1940s. Hitler was not a fan of tobacco. In the USA, Minnesota introduced its Clean Indoor Air Act in 1975. Source: Wikipedia

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