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The first US $5 notes were issued in 1861 and are still being produced.

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Q: What year was the 5 dollar bill made?
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What year did they make the dollar bill with christopher Columbus on it in the Bahamas?

It was made in the year 1992, & is better known as the quincentennial dollar. Quin-5, Centennial-100, meaning Columbus made landfall 500 years before the dollar bill was made in honor of him

In which dollar does Lincoln's face appear in?

The $5 dollar bill ... 5 Dollar Bill

What is a republic of Texas 5 dollar bill with nothing on the back serial number 1349 from 1841 worth?

How much is a 5 dollar bill be Werth if its made in 1349

How much is a 1932 five dollar bill worth?

from 1932, if it is Canadian (usa did not print 5 dollar notes that year) then 5 dollars

What is the value of a 5 dollar bill only printed on the Abraham Lincoln side?

Your 5 dollar bill only printed on one side is worthless. It is counterfeit. It was made by a copy machine.

What coin and dollar bill is Lincoln on?

Technically, only pennies made before 2010 &made after 1940. The modern penny has a shield-like image with a banner saying "one cent". the penny made before the 1900s has an image of an indian & the ones from 1901-1940 has an image of wheat.

Is a 5 dollar bill with the colour of a 2 dollar and a 20 dollar bill worth anything?

It's worth 5 dollars.

Value OF five dollar bill with letter under date?

5 dollars. unless you made it

Which president is on the 5 dollar bill?

This depends on the country: US: Abraham Lincoln is on the 5 dollar US bill.

How much is a 5 dollar Canadian bill worth?

A 1986 Canadian 5 dollar bill is worth $10.00

How much is a Canadian 1986 5 dollar bill?

A 1986 Canadian 5 dollar bill is worth $10.00

When was Abraham Lincoln put on the US 5 dollar bill?

His portrait was placed on the bill in 1914, in conjunction with the construction of the Lincoln Memorial that year.