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Q: What year was the First photocopying machine invented?
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What year was the first washing machine invented?

The first washing machine was invented in the year 1851. It was the drum washing machine and it was invented by James King.

What year was the first automatic washing machine invented?

In 1930s the first automatic washing machine was invented by John W.Chamberlain of Bendix Aviation Corporation^0^

Who invented the scanning machine?

Inventor Raymond Vahan Damadian invented the scanning machine. This invention was first used and exposed in the year of 1972.

Who invented the first steam machine and in what year?

The first steam engine was invented by Thomas Savery in 1689. . . .:) Hope it was Helpful!♥

What year was it invented the movie machine?

The Movie machine was invented in 1893.

When did Alva J. Fisher invent the washing machine?

Alva J Fisher invented the first electrical washing machine in the year 1908 he invented it

When was the first breathing machine made?

The very first breathing machine was a very simple piece of equipment invented by John Mayow. The first breathing machine was made in the year of 1670.

In 1642 the first mechanical calculating machine was invented by?

The adding machine was invented by a nineteen-year-old French boy named Blaise Pascal way back in the year 1642. Called the pascaline, it was the first mechanical calculator that used gears. He invented it to help his father calculate taxes.A different machine was invented by William Seward Burroughs in 1885.

In which year did Charles Babbage invented his first machine?

He inventad an ANALYTIC ENGINE during 1830s

What year was the wool combing machine invented?

The wool combing machine was invented in 1789. Edward Cartwright who invented the wool combing machine.

What year was the shoe making machine invented?

After doing research I've figured out that the shoe making machine was invented in the year 1742.

Where was first ATM invented and which year in which bank?

The first ATM (automated teller machine) was invented by John Sheppard-Barron and introduced by Barclay's bank in Enfield in 1967.