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put that info into a search engine-thats what i do. "information on sears electric drill model 10725833" it will show u tons of results and just weed thru them. youll find the information repairing drills in 2005 is more expensive than buying new ones.

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โˆ™ 2010-03-20 12:46:47
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Q: What year was the Sears Roebuck and Company electric drill model 3152577a made?
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When did sears and roebuck split?

The retail clothing chain Sears was originally founded by two men Richard Sears and Alvin Roebuck. Roebuck left the company in 1895.

Sears Roebuck and Company Wood Burning Stoves?

Yes Sears and Roebuck, wood burning stoves.

Who is Roebuck in Sears and Roebuck?

Alvah C. Roebuck was a co-founder of Sears and Roebuck along with Richard W. Sears. He went to work for Richard Sears in 1887, and the two ended up forming the company in 1893. Roebuck took charge of the heavily technological division of the company, that sold optical goods, watches, phonographs, and more.

What does the name roebuck mean?

This may have been linked to Sears and Roebuck as a company.

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looking for a guide for cat No:706Model 213.57 watt 80 manufacture: Sears Roebuck &Company

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Richard Sears and Alvah Roebuck decided to start a company together--hence the name of the store and company.

Who owned the Sears Tower when it was first built?

"Sears Roebuck and Company" were the first owners of the Sears Tower.

When did Sears stop using and Roebuck in its name?

In 1981 they changed the company name to Sears Merchandising Group

Who open the first department store in Chicago?

Sears. Roebuck and company

Sears roebuck and company was never able to put out catalogs?

the answer is false

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That company no longer exists, but you can buy shares of Sears Holdings for about $50.

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J. Stevens for Sears Roebuck.

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Its a Sears branded Mossberg 500.

What has the author Steven L Diamond written?

Steven L Diamond has written: 'Sears, Roebuck and Company: the dishwasher recall' -- subject(s): Case studies, Dishwashing machines, Product recall, Roebuck and Company Sears

Who made my Jc Higgins model 1011 16 gauge?

sears roebuck and company

Where can I find a replacement bulb for a Sears Roebuck electric insect killer?

Just shop the bulb no. online.

When did Sears-Roebuck first open?

Sears first began in 1886 as the R.W. Sears Watch Company in Minneapolis, MN. Sears hired Roebuck in 1887, moved his company to Chicago, and in 1893 the corporate name of the firm became Sears, Roebuck and Co. At that time, all sales were done by mail-order from a catalog. The first store was opened in the Chicago mail-order plant in 1925 and was so successful that seven more stores were opened in the area by the end of that year.

What the vaule of a sears and roebuck 22lr worth 273528132 tt025312?

what is a sears and roebuck 22longriffle 273528132 worth

Sears Roebuck and CoDid Sears and Roebuck ever make an automobile?

Sears sold the "Allstate" for some years, but no photos seem to have surfaced.

When was j c Higgins company finded?

J.C.Higgins was a trademark used on Sears and Roebuck rifles and shotguns manufactured for Sears from 1946-1962.

What compony built the Sears Tower?

The Sears Roebuck Company, hired a firm of architects and building contractors to build the tall building that had their name.

What company made the Ted Williams Sears Roebuck M200 12 gauge shotgun?


What is the vaule of your sears roebuck and company model 311 841681?

As much as someone wants to pay.

How old is the Sears Company?

Sears, Roebuck and Company was formed in 1893, making it 116 years old in 2009. The company has gone through several changes in that time and most recently merged with Kmart in 2005, forming the Sears Holdings Corporation.