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Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson formed a partnership to create and market a lever action pistol with repeat action in 1852. By 1854, after experiencing financial troubles, they sold the company to Oliver Winchester. In 1856, Smith and Wesson formed the second partnership to market a revolver that would shoot with Rimfire cartridges, it was patented in 1854.

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What year was this gun made smith and Wesson k202036?


What year was my gun made it is a Smith and Wesson 9mm model 669?

The 669 was made from 85-88

What year gun is this gun smith and Wesson serial number 5k17310?

@ 1973

What year was smith and Wesson gun snral9648 made?

If you call S&W they will tell you when it left the factory.

When was Smith and Wesson Model 41 Serial 484763 made?

SEnd to to Smith and Wesson, they will charge you thirty dollars to give you the history of your gun. SEnd to to Smith and Wesson, they will charge you thirty dollars to give you the history of your gun.

Is springfield hand gun made by smith and Wesson?

No, that is a different company.

How do you find out the year of your smith and Wesson model 37?

Call Smith and Wesson and they will tell you. The Blue Book of Gun Values has some sn data.

What year was my Smith and Wesson 357 65-2 model serial 7D24076 was made?

Mine was made in 1980. However if you send the serial number located at the bottom of the butt of the gun to Smith and Wesson via email they can tell you exactly.

What is the age of a Smith and Wesson 357 Model 28 Serial Number N3XX?

According to Smith and Wesson this gun was made in 1969 and is an early N series.

Can you find out when a smith and Wesson gun was made by serial number?

serial number 28402

Trace a serial number on a smith and Wesson gun?

Standard Catalog of Smith and Wesson, 3rd ed.

How old is a smith Wesson model 29-2?

The 29-2 was the variant produced for the most years, from 1961 to 1982. To find what year a particular Model 29 gun was made, it is necessary to telephone Smith and Wesson. (For Remington or Ruger or Winchester, etc, you need only do an internet search for "Winchester serial numbers" for example, and you can quickly find what year a particular gun was made. This works for almost every company except Smith and Wesson.)

What is the year this gun model 19 smith and Wesson combat magnum was manufactured 4K13187?


Where is the lock for a smith and Wesson gun?

The frame.

Where can you get a smith and Wesson model 53 22 wrm clinder?

Try, Smith and Wesson, gun shops, gun shows, want ads.

What are the release dates for Tales of the Gun - 1998 Guns of Smith and Wesson?

Tales of the Gun - 1998 Guns of Smith and Wesson was released on: USA: 1999

What year was model 34-1 22 kit gun Serial number M202390 made?

Your serial number indicates that your Smith and Wesson model 34-1 was made in the year 1982.

What year is a Smith and Wesson gun?

Somewhere between 1852 and today. That was when they opened for business, and they are open today.

What year was 32 caliber smith and wesson long ctg hand gun serial number 355659 made?

You must call S&W to find out.

What year was the Smith and Wesson model 44 serial 1982 made?

This gun was made from '54-'59 (Standard Catalog of S & W); I don't know exactly when the serial no. 1982 was made.

What does s and w mean on a gun?

smith and wesson.

What gun does the joker use?

Smith & Wesson M76

Was there a Smith and Wesson gun in 1879 called The Oliver?


What is the cost of a 38 caliber smith and Wesson hand gun made in 1952?

100-500 or so

What is a smith and Wesson M P 40?

A Smith and Wesson M&P 40 is a .40 caliber hand gun.

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