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There are records that the Chinese found fossils around 2,000 years ago but did not recognize the significance of the find. In 1763 R. Brookes printed a paper on the significance of a fossil found by Reverend Plot (1676) and is noted as the first "find" of this type.

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How many complete dinosaur fossils have been found?

i heard on TV about over 50,000 fossils have benn found in one year

What year was the first dinosaur found?

the first dinosaur was found in 2005 when tyler perry made madea lolxz jp

What year was the first dinosaur fossil found?


What year was the Mesonychid fossil found?

The fossils were first found in 1983

Where are most fossils found in Virginia?

The state of Virginia has a spectacular array of fossils, from 540 million year old burrows to one million year old Mastodon teeth. Most fossils are found in the Piedmont Province and Blue Ridge.

A sentence for skeleton?

The skeleton of the dinosaur was found by a three year old girl.

What year was Elvis first hit?

year 1. A dinosaur ripped his head off

When was Barney the purple dinosaur born?

Barney the dinosaur is a fictional character that first appeared in 1987 so that is considered his "birth" year.

Where on earth are the oldest fossils found and how old are they?

the oldest fossil is the 375 million year old fossil found in austrilla

What year was the word dinosaur first used?

The word dinosaur was coined by Sir Richard Owen in 1842. The term means "terrible lizard."

Oldest fossils been found on?

Australia has three billion year old exposed land.

What year was the first cartoon made?

In 1914 with the Winsor McCay film "Gertie the Dinosaur" .

Year did archaeologists find the very first dinosaur footprint?


What year was Dinosaur BBQ first created?

Dinosaur BBQ was first created in 1988 when the restaurant opened in Syracuse, NY. It has since expanded to several locations and created a line of food sold in supermarkets.

How do dinosaur fossils give evidence of a world-wide flood?

A:Dinosaurs provide no evidence of a world-wide flood. If they did, we should expect all kinds of fossils mixed together. We should expect Jurassic and Cretacious dinosaur bones mixed in with mammoth bones and even the bones of modern creatures. And if animals were swept away by flood torrentsthat rose by thousands of metres and then fell again, all in the space of one year, we should expect bones to be scattered, rather than complete skeletons as if the animal just laid down and died. Instead, what we do find is a careful layering of fossils, with older and more primitive bones below those more recent. We find in the geological column that fossils are consistently associated with sedimentary rocks of dated to just the same age as the fossils they hold. Dinosaur fossils can not be used as evidence of a biblical flood.

What year was the dinosaur Stegosaurus named?

Othniel Charles Marsh discovered Stegosaurus in 1877. The fossil was found in Morrison, Colorado.

What year did birds appear on earth?

they were first noticed millions of years ago during the dinosaur time

Where was dinosaurs?

When the dinosaurs lived, all the land in the world was in one big continent called Pangea. After the dinosaurs died, this land mass broke up to form the continents, so dinosaur fossils can be found in many places around the world. Answer2: Before 1824, dinosaurs were unknown to man. In that year the bones of several kinds of fossilized reptiles were unearthed in England. British paleontologist Richard Owen called these animals Dinosauria, from the two Greek words deinos and sauros, meaning "terrible lizard." The name remains in common use to this day, although while dinosaurs are reptiles, they are not lizards. Since 1824, dinosaur fossils have been found on every continent. The fossil record, left in layers of sedimentary, or water-laid, rock, indicates that there was an extraordinary abundance and variety of dinosaur types at a time in earth's history called the Age of Dinosaurs. Some made their home on land, while others lived in swamps. Some perhaps even lived in water, much like the present-day hippopotamus. Large quantities of dinosaur remains-including such nonskeletal evidence as tracks-have been unearthed in the Great Central Plain of North America. The prairies of central Alberta have yielded many dinosaur remains, including nearly 500 complete skeletons. In the 1920's, expeditions discovered dinosaur bones in the Gobi Desert of central Asia. In the 1940's a Soviet expedition in Mongolia discovered a dinosaur skeleton some 40 feet [12 m] in length. In 1986 Argentine scientists discovered the fossils of a plant-eating dinosaur in Antarctica. Until then, Antarctica had been the only major land area where dinosaur fossils had not been found. Just before that, an American researcher found dinosaur bones on the North Slope of Alaska. Throughout the last hundred years, deposits of dinosaur bones have been uncovered in so many places that it has become apparent that dinosaurs were widespread in the remote past.

When is the dinosaur breeding season?

It will be like 'after one year' and if the mother dinosaur gets a baby dinosaur it will keep it and if the baby does not grow the mother dinosaur will not keep it and some other dinosaur will kill it and eat.WELL this the answer

What modern day continents did mastodons inhabit?

The mastodons, extinct for over 12,000 years, inhabited the continent of North America, with the first remains being discovered in the village of Claverack, New York in the year 1705. There has been comparisons to fossils found in Africa and Asia, however those fossils have not been named.

Which year did dinosaurs live in?

Dinosaurs did not live in any particular year. The oldest known dinosaur fossils date to about 230 million years ago. They went extinct 65.5 million years ago, except for birds, which most paleontologists consider to be modern dinosaurs.

When is Barney the dinosaur's birthday?

Barney the dinosaur is a fictional character that first appeared in 1987 so that is considered his "birth" year.

What parts of Germany have hummingbirds?

There are no wild humming birds in Germany only found in zoos. Although two 30-million-year-old hummingbird fossils have been found in Germany

What year was Hashish first found?

not sure

What was the year the first mummy found?