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What year was the oboe invented?

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The Oboe was invented in the 17th century in 1770 :)

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What date was the oboe invented?

The oboe was invented around 1722.

When was the modern oboe invented?

the modern oboe was invented in the 1650's.

Is the oboe invented?

Yes, the oboe was invented in the early 17th century.

When was the oboe invented?

The oboe was invented in the 17th century; 1650's. I'm an oboe player myself, and the oboe is a duck-sounding instrument that is a very dramatic instrument. Though this is when it was called an oboe, it originated from the shawm.

Who invented the modern oboe?

The "modern oboe" was developed by the Triebert family.

Where was the oboe invented?

The oboe originated in the south of France, descending from the shawm.

Was the oboe invented in 1999?


Who was the inventor of the oboe?

Sometime in the 12th century, an ancestor of the oboe called a shawm was introduced. In this case, its hard to tell exactly who invented the oboe.

Why was the oboe invented?

it was invented to be played by musicians in a orchestra. it was invented to be played by musicians in a orchestra.

What year was the English horn invented?

The instrument is thought to have originated in about 1720, when a bulb bell was added, the Oboe dacaccia, a Baroque alto instrument of the oboe family, possibly by J. T. Weigel.

Musical instruments invented in France?

oboe, harmonium

Who invented the first straw Oboe?

taylor bland

Who invented the oboe?

The modern oboe was invented by the French musicians Jean Hotteterre and Michel Danican Philidorin in the 1650's. The Ancient Greeks had a similar instrument called an aulos.

Who invented the double reed for the oboe?

Ferlandis of Bergamo in 1760

Who was the first person to play the Oboe?

This person invented the oboe so she probrably was the first person to play it. Her name was Jean Hotteterre.

What year was the oboe created?

It's origins date back to the 1200s but the oboe came from the french court in about 1650.

Where did the Oboe get invented at?

The oboe has evolved from the shawm, and over time has changed considerably; In the 1650's the first instrument to be called a "hautbois" appeared in the south of France.

What is the world most expensive oboe?

The most expensive oboe I have been able to find is an A. Laubin. A rosewood oboe is $12,600, and has a ten year wait.

What is the meaning of oboe?

meaning of Oboe

What kind of instrument is the English horn and where is it invented?

English horn is basically a big oboe, pitched in F like the French is not a brass instrument in any was made from the oboe

What are members of the oboe family?

There is the heckelphone, the bass oboe, the cor anglais, the oboe d'amore, the regular oboe, and the piccolo oboe. Maybe there are others.

What is the predecess to the oboe?

there was the shawm (renessance oboe) and the baroque oboe

What is a smaller or larger relative of the oboe?

The English horn, Oboe d' amore ,Piccolo oboe ,Oboe da caccia ,Hecklphone, Contrabass oboe.

What is the frequency of a oboe?

The oboe is in the key of C. When an oboe plays its A, it is 440Hz.

Were Handel's oboe concertos originally written for oboe?

If they are his oboe concertos, then yes, but some of them may be transcribed for oboe.