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It is not known. I number of people invented it in isolation at about the same time beginning in 1714 when something like it was patented but never built. The first recognisable typewriter was built by William Austin Bert in 1828, it used a dial instead of a keyboard and had no way of viewing the page until you had finished typing.

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Who invented the typewriter and in which year?

Italian Pellegrino Turri Invented a Typewriter In 1808

What year was the braille typewriter invented in?


What year did Charles thurber invent the typewriter?

Charles Thuber invented the typewriter in 1843 :)

When was typewriter invented?

Typewriter was invented in the early 1847.

What year was the first typewriter invented?

Adnan Gill ( 1875)

When was a typewriter was invented?

the typewriter was invented in 1868 by christopher sholes

What is a manual typewriter?

A manual typewriter is the typewriter that was used before the Electric Typewriter was invented.

When was typewriter first invented?

Typewriter was first invented in 1714 , by henry mill

Why was the first typewriter first invented?

Henry Mill invented the typewriter in 1714

Where did Christopher L Sholes invented the Typewriter?

He invented the typewriter in 1868 and he was 47 years old.

In which year typewriter was made?

Christopher Latham Sholes(1819-1890) was a mechanical engineer who invented the first practical modern typewriter, patented in 1868.

What did Christopher Sholes invented?

he invented the typewriter

Who invented the typewriter and when was it invented?

sholes, 1867

What was invented in 1874?

It was the typewriter that was invented in 1874!

Who invented the order of the alphabet on the typewriter keyboard?

Invented the typewriter in the United States utilizing the QWERTY keyboard

Who manufactured the first typewriter?

Christopher Latham Sholes invented the typewriter.

Where was the typewriter invented at where at?


What typewriter's was invented in 1940?

what typewriter was invented in the 1940?

When was the Victorian typewriter invented?

The typewriter was invented various times in the Victorian period and the 20 th century. It was first invented by Henry Mill, in 1868.

Who is invented a typewriter?

The first successful typewriter was invented by Christopher L. Sholes, Carlos Gidden, and Samuel W. Sholes

How was it invented the typewriter?

the typewriter was invented by, Christopher Latham Sholes, in 1520. it was because, we needed to type things instead of writing them

When was the electric typewriter invented?

James Fields Smathers of Kansas City invented the first practical power-operated typewriter in 1914. IBM began in 1941 to revolutionize the typewriter industry by inventing the IBM Executive Electric Typewriter.

WHen was the Braille typewriter invented?


What did lee barrage invented?


What century was the typewriter invented?