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In 1930, the Academy Awards were held twice on April 3rd (2nd Academy Awards) and on November 5th (3rd Academy Awards). Both of the banquets were held at the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, CA. (Cocoanut Grove and Fiesta Room, respectively).

These were the 2nd and 3rd Academy Awards presentations. The first awards in 1929 honored films made in 1927 and the first half of 1928, and the second honored films made between August 1928 and July 1929. The third ceremony was the first attempt to bring the awards closer to the nominated period (August 1929 to July 1930)

It was not until the awards date was moved to March in 1934 (6th Academy Awards) that the period of eligibility was matched to the calendar year, with those awards covering an 18-month period from August 1932 to December 1933.

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Q: What year were the Oscar Awards held twice?
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