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Winchester did not produce a Model 81 bolt action. Exactly how is your rifle marked?

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Q: What years was the Winchester Model 81 22 bolt action produced?
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What years was the model 190 Winchester made?

The Winchester model 190 was produced by Winchester from 1974-1980.

How many 1873 Winchester riflrs were produced?

Winchester produced 720,609 model 1873 rifles between the years 1873-1923.

What years were the Winchester model 1912 made?

Winchester Model 12 slide action shotguns were marked as the "Model 1912" from 1912-1919. Godbear Tennessee

In what years were the Winchester 25 - 20 cal. manufactured?

The Winchester 25-20 caliber was first chambered in the Winchester model 1892 rifle/carbine which was made from 1892.The last chambering that I have found was in the Winchester model 43 bolt action rifle that was produced from 1949-1957.I would surmise that this caliber was available from 1892-1957.

What years was this Winchester Model 06 serial number 610048?

With the serial number that you have provided,your Winchester model 1906 rifle was made in the year 1924.They produced 13,562 rifles that year of this model.

What is value of Winchester octagon pump action rifle 1911?

Winchester made a model 1890,model 1906,a model 61,and a model 62 pump action rifle during there production years but never a model 1911 rifle.Winchester did make a model 1911 semi-auto shotgun.

What year was a Winchester model 90 serial number 472701 made?

this Winchester model was produced between the years 1890-1941.the serial number that you provided indicates that it was made in 1912.

What years did Winchester manufacture model 81?

Winchester did not make a model 81.

What years were the Winchester 1906 22 pump rifle made?

Winchester made there model 1906 pump action .22cal rifles from 1906-1935.

Who old is your Winchester model 70 xtr sporter g1996245?

I have a Winchester model 70 that I purchased new in 1979. It's serial # is 1,430,611. Yours was probably produced 3-4 years later.

What years were Winchester model 70 built?

The first model 70 bolt action rifle was made in the year 1935 and they have been made since.

What is the year a Winchester model 1400MARKII serial number 712621 was born?

I can say that the Winchester model 1400 was engraved MARK II in only 4 years of production.These years were 1968-1972.The markings signified that Winchester improved the action release,and the checkering was redesigned.Winchester dropped this marking starting in 1973.

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