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It depends on a cent from which country. There are many countries whose currency includes a cent - including the US, ans the EuroZone countries.

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1 US cent has the same value the world over! i.e. 1 US cent

One penny equals on cent. Is that not simple enough?

1 US cent is equals to 50 paise approximately.... 1 dollar =" x" indian rupees(keeps changing) i:e X/100=(is the value of 1 us cent) explanation by stev from GOA India..

50 Cent The Money and the Power - 2008 Truth Equals Money 1-3 was released on: USA: 20 November 2008

Value of 1874 series 10 cent paper money

In terms of currency, a cent is a unit of money that equals 1/100 of a basic unit of money. For example, 0.475441 rounded to the nearest cent would be 0.48.

Its about the same, but i think the Japanese 'Money' has more value as of today. Because Japan use only 'Yen', while America use 'Dollar' and 'Cent'. That would be like America using only 'Cent'. Right now 1 Dollar equals 79 Yen, which used to be 120 few years ago. So, if 100 Cent equals 79 Yen, i think Japanese money has more value. And just to make you clear, you can purchase more things for 100 Yen than 100 Cent.

A square Aruban 50 cent coin equals 28 U.S. cents.Specifically, Aruban money basically converts at half the value of U.S. money. One Aruban florin equals 0.56 U.S. cents. As with the U.S. dollar, the Aruban florin is made up of 100 cents.

In Canada one penny equals one cent, all the time.

money cannot be converted to area.. try again

The value of the 50 cent coin 1988 for South Africa is 50 cents. The money is not old enough or rare enough to have significantly increased in value as of yet.

What is the value of a 2 cent Franklin unused postal postcard?

Value of 1986 fifty cent piece

what is the value of a 1966 bahama 5 cent

1856 3 cent coin value

1 cent equals to 434.78 square feet. Source:

In most cases, a cent.

One full euro is worth approximately 73 rupees, so one euro cent is worth 0.73 rupees.

A foot is a unit of distance. A cent is a unit of area. The two units are therefore incompatible.

A 2004 Canadian cent is worth face value only.

A 1997 US one cent piece? is a Lincoln cent and only face value.

The value of the Alaska 3 cent stamp is $0.03.

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