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the most common example is iodine. it is a black solid but when heated it converts directly to a purple gas. i can never forget this fact because i accidentally dropped iodine sample on Bunsen burner while doing my chemistry practical in school.

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The process in which a solid changes to gas is called sublimation.

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Q: What you call the process in which a solid change to gas?
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What do you call the chemical change of solid and gas?

The PHASE change of solid TO gas is called Sublimation.

What is the process of solid changing in gas?

When solid is heated and melt then it will change into gas

What do you call the process that goes from gas to a solid?

Deposition, or desublimation, is the transition process directly from gas to solid.The reverse (the transition directly from solid to gas) is called sublimation.

What is the process by which you change a solid into a gas?


What process change a gas to a solid?


What do you call the process which gas turned into solid?


What do you call it when gas turns into a solid?

When a substance goes from a gas to a solid it is called deposition.

A solid can change to gas and a gas can change to solid without becoming liquid by?

Some substances can go straight from solid to gas phase by a process called sublimation. A gas going to a solid is a process known as Deposition.

What process makes solid change into a gas?


When a solid changes to a gas what is it called?


What do you have when you change a solid to a gas?

The process of changing a solid directly to a gas skipping the liquid stage is called sublimation.

What element will change phase directly from solid to a gas at room temperature?

Iodine. Also, the process is called sublimation (phase change from solid --> gas)