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Beluga whales love cold water , they live in sub arctic waters around the world . They move from coastal areas to the open ocean with the freezing and thawing ice . They also tend to stay in deeper waters because it is colder and Beluga whales bottom feed on smaller organisms .

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Where do beluga whale live?

Beluga Whales live in the Arctic.

What is the life span of the beluga whale?

The beluga whale can live for more than 50 years.

Where does the arctic whale live?

You must be thinking of the Beluga Whale. They live in the Arctic Ocean.

Do beluga whales live in the antarctic?

No, the Beluga Whale lives in the Arctic regions.

What is a beluga whale?

A beluga whale is a whale of the species Delphinapterus leucas.

What type of ecosystem does a beluga whale live in?


How does beluga whale live?

under water caves

Is the beluga whale a carnivore?

No. A beluga whale is an omnivore.

What is the offspring of a beluga whale?

A beluga whale calf?

What country does the beluga whale live in?

Whales live in the ocean, yo.

How long does the beluga whale live?

Beluga whales have a life span of 25-30 years.

When was Beluga whale created?

Beluga whale was created in 1776.

Why does the beluga live in the arctic?

The beluga whale has adapted to the Arctic Ocean. They eat cod which lives here.

How long beluga Whale expected to live?

The life expectancy of Beluga Whales is 75 to 100 years.

Is the beluga whale a dolphin?

it looks like a dolphin but the beluga whale is actually the smallest whale

Does the beluga whale live in any national park?

homassasa springs

When was the beluga whale first discovered?

The beluga whale was discovered in 1564 by the Russians

Beluga whale food chain?

seaweed>>crab>>squid>>BELUGA WHALE!

What is a male beluga whale called?

A male Beluga Whale is called a whaler.

Is a beluga whale a vertebrate or an invertebrate?

A beluga whale is a vertebrae. All mammals are.

What ocean zone do beluga whales live in?

The part that they live in is the artic ocean.

What is the smartest whale?

The Beluga whale

What is respelling of whale?

whale beluga

Is a beluga whale a whale or something else?

a beluga is a dolphin and the dolphin is the cousin to whales.

What zone does the gray whale live in?

Surface Zone (Sunlit Zone)

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