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what is weird al's favorite color?

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What is weird als phone number?

Multi language phone option.

What color represents als?

It would be Blue and White

What are some of Weird Als albums?

His first Album Was: "WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC (May, 1983)His Latest album:THE ESSENTIAL "WEIRD AL" YANKOVIC (Oct, 2009)The next album he will release: INTERNET LEAKS (???, 20--)

Is Weird Als brain small?

No, he actually is very smart. He started kindergarten early and skipped second grade.

Who is the woman behind Weird Al's face in Perform This Way?

The face is Weird Als', the body belongs to Vlada Gorbaneva except for the part where contorsions are needed and that body was Marissa Heart.

What is the name of weird als digestion song?

There is a Weird Al song called "Pancreas". The pancreas is an accessory digestive organ that secretes digestive substances into the small intestine. Weird Al actually mentions this fact in the song. I hope that this is the song you were thinking of.

What is German word als mean?

als = as als = than als = by the time als = when

Where will weird als next concert be?

Weird Al current doesn't have any plans for a concert tour. Since he did one 2 years ago. He is probably just taking time with his family, Is 50 you know.

How did Lou Gehrig get ALS?

The cause of ALS is unknown.

What is weird als first song?

His first big hit was "Ricky" (a parody of "Mickey" by Toni Basil) in which Ricky & Lucy Ricardo (from the '50s tv show "I Love Lucy) were saluted.

When was Hilton Als born?

Hilton Als was born in 1961.

When did Peder Als die?

Peder Als died in 1775.

When was Peder Als born?

Peder Als was born in 1725.

What are the causes of ALS?

There is no cause for ALS, it is nautrally born in your cells with in life.

What organ systems that are affected by ALS?

ALS is a disease of the neuromuscular system.

Do you have the list of 2010 als passer?

do you have the list of als passer 2010

In als what chromosome is affected?

Chromosome 21q22 which accounts for 20% of familial ALS.

When did Stephen Hawking get ALS?

When he was in his twenty-first year, ALS was developing in his body.

What does the acronym ALS mean?

The acronym ALS means Absolute Loss of Sanity.

What does als mean in texting?

'Als' basically stands for Anal Lube (as in sex).

Is there any treatments or cures for ALS?

No they don't have any treatments or cures for ALS.

How can als make you die?

Most people with ALS die from respiratory failure

When did Battle of Als happen?

Battle of Als happened on 1864-06-29.

When was Roald Als born?

Roald Als was born on 1948-04-02.

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