Whats an errection

Updated: 11/10/2022
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its when a boys dick gets hard and like slowly moves up so you can see it a.k.a boner

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Q: Whats an errection
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What is a nipple errection?

its when u get them persed...

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What cause an errection?

Julian Clark or Justin bieber

Can a male urinate during an errection?

You can still urinate during an erection.

How early one can get errection?

A person can get an erection in a split of a second provided that he is sexually aroused.

Why does my husband have an errection for almost an hour after sex?

he cohld have a serious medical disorder and NEEDS to go to the doctor

Can using crack cause a male to have errectile problems?

yes, illegal drugs and alocohol causes errection problems

What happens when a guy is hard?

Well what is know as an errection is when the bloodflow from the bidy is circulated into the penis which is what causes a boner or "Hardness"