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average height of 13 months baby boy?

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average height for 32 month boy

The average height of a 3-month-baby is around 23 in.

I think about 75 cm, if you look at the mid line in your red book.

Of course, the height of a 9 month old baby can vary. However, the average is usually 30-33 inches in height.

The average height for an 11 month old boy is 29 to 30 inches. The average weight for an 11 month old boy is 19 to 23 pounds.

What is the Average Height and Weight of A 18 month old girl? It really all depends on her height. The average is from 20-35 pounds. But like I sad it all depends on the height. =)

The average height of a 42 month old boy is about 38 inches tall. The average weight for this age is around 30 pounds.

The average height of a twenty month old boy is 33.1 inches. The average weight for a boy of the same age is 25 lbs.

about 4,10 I am 11 years old and i am about 5,1

the average height should be 26 inches long of 6 months old baby

There really isn't an average height for a 16 month old boy. They vary in heights, and you should not be concerned about his height. Boys usually grow majorly and importantly at 13 anyways. :)

At 10 months:The average height = 26-28 inches.

my son height is 32in and his weight is 29

The height i was and researched is the height of 2-3 feet.

Depends on your sex, height, country, and genetics. It is hard to say an average with so little information

The child growth charts in my sons health book state that the average height for a 19 month old boy is 83cm or 32 3/4".

An average 16-month-old baby boy is about 34 inches tall.

about 5 foot 3 for average but some boys are different

The average height of a 10 month boy would be between 28. 9"-29. 2' The average weight is 21. 1 -22. 9 pounds.

Whats the average weight of a 5' 5" 14 year old girl

37 inches is average, normal is in between 34.5-40

My 16 month old boy is a size 6. Pediatrician says his height and weight are just a touch above the average.

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