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Whats the best way to travel from Dubai to abu dhabi?

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August 29, 2014 3:52PM

Take the Emirates Express bus.

The service start from the main bus station in Abu Dhabi and ply

through Sheikh Rashid road, Sheikh Zayed road passing through Umm

Al Nar, Al Shahama and Al Samha stations and Dubai World Trade

Centre intersection and halt at Al Ghubaibah bus station in


The service will take the same route on its return trip to Abu

Dhabi and the passengers are able to get down at the stations on

the way or reach Abu Dhabi directly.

The coaches will take two hours to run the 150km long route. The

first bus will leave Al Ghubaibah station (Dubai) at 6am and the

last one will leave the station at 9pm. The first bus from Abu

Dhabi main bus station will start at 6.30am and the last bus will

leave the station at 9.30pm. Services from each station will be

operated at a frequency of 45 minutes and additional coaches will

be put on service as per demand increases in the future.

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