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Whats the main job of the supreme court?


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The main job of the Supreme Court is to interpret laws. They asses the constitutionality of laws and circumstances. They have the power to overturn laws they find unconstitutional.


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The main job of a supreme court judge is to determine whether or not a law or case is constitutional.

The main job of the Supreme Court is to uphold the US Constitution. It is the highest court in the US and its job is to interpret the meaning of the law.

The job of the Supreme Court Justices is to uphold the US Constitution. The Supreme Court has the power to check the actions of Congress and the President.

lead the judical branch.

Works in the supreme court

The president does this job.

John Marshall was the 45, not 44, year old distant cousin of Thomas Jefferson who was Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and radically changed the job of the Supreme Court.

they need that job and they win lot of money

She was a justice of the Supreme Court.

He was a supreme court Judge.

The Supreme Court hears appeals that come to it from lower courts, and it has exclusive primary jurisdiction over any disputes that arise between or among states.

The US supreme court is the highest court of the federal judicial branch. It interprets federal laws and determines the constitutionality of state and federal laws.

The supreme court is the highest ranked court in the nation once you are elected to be on the supreme court you are on there until you resign or die there's nine people on the supreme court and if a court case makes it to there court then these nine people make the last and final decisionAdded: Short and simple answer: It is the highest Court of Appeals in the United States.

the supreme court justices are not "elected." they are chosen by the president, then the senate votes on whether or not they "get the job." I believe it is a 60 vote minimum.

She was selected by President Obama for the job, and was approved by the senate - that's how anyone gets to be a justice of the Supreme Court.

it says yes or takrs stuff to the supreme court

He was an attorney who became a Supreme Court justice.

No, the responsibilities are what they have to do on behalf of their country. The duties are what concerns their job. Thin line i know, but very important.

They decide if laws are unconstitutional or not, and they're the highest court in the USA.

It is not the job of the Supreme Court to determinepublic policy. However, from time to time decisions made by the Supreme Court have important influences on policy. The Court makes decisions on cases that are brought before it. Other than that, it has no authority over policy.

The main job of appellate court is to listen to the grievous party and give right judgement on the Law point i.e. the point on which the lower court has erred in interpretation of Law.

he went on to be Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court.

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