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The Undertakers real name is Mark William Calaway and he is 43 years old.

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Q: Whats the undertakers name
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Whats undertakers wifes name?

Michelle McCool

Who are undertakers real parents?

whats that got to do with Christmas

Was there a baseball team called the undertakers?

No there was not a baseball team with the name of The Undertakers.

Whats WWE's undertakers address so you can send a letter to him?

208 7th Street East

What was Kane' s and the undertakers last name?

They are not related! Kane real name is Glenn Jacobs Undertakers real name is Mark Calaway

What is the undertakers name?

real nameHis real name is Mark Calaway and his wife's name is Sara Calaway.

What is the tattoo on undertakers neck?

the tattoo on the undertakers neck says sara. Wich is his wife's name

What was the undertakers mom name?


Who is calloway?

i believe that chris calloway is the undertakers son cuz the undertakers real name is mark calloway.

What is undertakers really name?

Mark Calloway

What is the name of undertakers enterance?

Rest in peace

What was the undertakers name in the godfather movie?