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When I try to add a contact number I get a invalid number message?


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Try leaving out the parenthesis and dashes. 3031234567 or try putting in the number WITH dashes an/or parenthesis. i.e. 303-123-4567 or (303)123-4567

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when you are choosing who to send the text to after you add one contact stay in the top box and just add another number or contact

The messages app, open it, add a contact or type a phone number in the top part and in the bottom type your message. SEND

You go to the main menu, go to the phone part and click contacts, then there will be a long list of things like contact list, new contact, caller groups (ect). Press the second one (new contact) and it will take to to where you add the contact. You can add a picture of them from your phone, then you just add their number, and email if you would like. Press save. If you want to text them you go back to the menu and phone then you click messages and press create message and write your message and then press send to and your whole contact list will pop up and you can press who you would like to send it to.

To add a contact, type the phone number you want to add. Then select options, and "add contact." Type in the name of the contact, what device the number is for, and any other information you want to add.

probably hit add contacts and then click on the contact

To add contacts, go to the Contact tab and then click on the Invite tab. You can then place the mobile number in and add them to your contacts.

1. Click on your "Contacts" tab. 2. Click the "+" symbol at the top left of this page to add a new contact. If you go into your phone's history, you can also click on a recent dialed/received number or even click on a received text and click the "add number to contact" shortcut. It will prompt you asking if you want to add to an existing contact. Click "no" if the number belongs to someone you don't already have in your contact list. Click "yes" if the number belongs to someone you already have as a contact and it'll add this new number to their profile.

Go to the Messaging app.2. Tap the message thread that contains the message.3. Tap and hold the text message you wish to forward.4. Select Forward.5. Type a contact name or phone number in the Tofield.6. Edit the message if you want to add additional text.7. Tap Send.

I have a facebook page. Search for her and then add her as a friend. Before you do that send her message say that your a fan. If you are one.

You add items to the text message. Add sound items.

Dear Dummy, They Text You Or You Go To Contacts And Add Contact Sincerely, Captain obvious

You can add contact to Gmail chat list. You have to add the contact to the list. After adding you have to add the request to the person

On the top right of their photostream, there is a link where you can add them as a contact.

Maybe the number is not clear or the typing is otherwise in error. It will give a message and if typed in with the valid number will only add to your wallet or say it was already redeemed

Go to your message book and hit register->other and add the email address: follow the steps in the game to add your wii number into it. What it does, it sends your wii a message if your Pokemon was traded in the GTS. any more functions, I'm unaware.

Well you can do the USB way or if you have texting you can go to your contacts and add a contact with your name like example add that as a contact and send a Pic MEssage to it and you will get a e-mail with that picture and then you can save it to your pictures :)

Signature is a message that is sent at the last of each mail. You can add your name or any message to that. You can do it in settings and then signature and add image to it.

You can go to a friend's house and go to the pin board and click add message. If they are not a friend you can add them as a friend.

if you want to get coneted with Miley Cyrus you could add me on myspace. that's how you can keep in contact or just message me on here.

The given numerals are invalid because the Roman numeral system does not contain a zero symbol but if you mean MDCCVI then it is equivalent to 1706

Go to your pin board and add a message or go to a buddies home and add a message.

yes you can you just need to add contacts and the number then install a text app add your contacts and then you can text

To add contacts to your iPhone simply dial the number and you will see the add contact option to save the number.

when you are replying to a message. click 'add photo from my album' then select the picture & it shall appear at the bottom of your message.

Start by making a picture message only instead of sending it to a number send it to an e-mail. I'm not sure how to do it on all phones but normally when you go into the part where you pick who you want to send it to there's an option that says [New E-mail Address] or you can go into your Contacts and add a new contact and instead of a number use an e-mail.

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