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He simply turns pale

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Jekyll responds with surprise and asks Utterson to refrain from discussing Hyde, expressing discomfort and a desire to distance himself from his alter ego. Jekyll tries to steer the conversation away from Hyde and change the subject.

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Q: When Utterson tells Jekyll that he has been learning something of young Hyde how does Jekyll respond?
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What most keeps Utterson from learning Dr. Jekyll secret?

Utterson's disbelief in the supernatural

Were did utterson meet with jekyll after the murder?

Utterson met with Jekyll at Jekyll's house after the murder. Jekyll seemed nervous and unwell during this meeting, which raised Utterson's suspicions about his friend's involvement in the crime.

What did Mr Utterson conclude had happened to Dr. Jekyll?

mr utterson thought that dr jekyll had been murdered

Why does Jekyll want Utterson to have the letter?

Jekyll wants Utterson to have the letter as a form of insurance, to ensure that if anything happens to him, Utterson will be able to understand the truth about Hyde and Jekyll's relationship and take appropriate actions.

How did mr utterson know that Dr. Jekyll was lying?

Mr. Utterson suspected Dr. Jekyll was lying based on inconsistencies in his behavior and the mysterious relationship between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Through his investigations, Mr. Utterson uncovered the truth about their connection and Dr. Jekyll's secret experiments.

Why did Mr. Utterson want to talk to Dr. Jekyll?

He was concerned about dr.jekyll's will

Why does Utterson fear for Jekyll's life?

Utterson fears for Jekyll's life because he notices a change in Jekyll's behavior and appearance, connecting it to the sinister Mr. Hyde. He is concerned about the influence Hyde has over Jekyll and worries that Jekyll may be in danger due to his association with him.

What steps did Utterson take to discover the truth about the Jekyll and Hyde relationship?

Utterson started by piecing together information from various sources, such as witnesses and handwriting analysis. He then confronted Jekyll and Hyde directly, seeking an explanation from Jekyll. Finally, Utterson discovered Jekyll's confession letter, which provided the definitive truth about their relationship.

Whom did Dr. Jekyll compare Mr Utterson after the dinner party?

Dr. Jekyll compared Mr. Utterson to a plaster image in the dinner party conversation.

Why does poole contact utterson in Chapter 6 of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

Poole contacts Utterson because he is concerned about his master, Dr. Jekyll, who seems troubled and in distress. He wants Utterson to come see Jekyll for himself and possibly offer help or insight into the situation.

What word torments Mr Utterson in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?

The word tormenting Mr. Utterson in "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" is "hypocrite," which is written in Dr. Jekyll's will, causing Utterson to struggle with understanding the dual nature of human beings.

Why was utterson worried about jykell's will?

Utterson was worried about Jekyll's will because it named Edward Hyde as the sole beneficiary, which seemed suspicious given Hyde's questionable character. Utterson was concerned that Jekyll might be under duress or influence from Hyde when creating the will.