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You can use conservation of momentum to solve this. Just multiply momentum (= mass x speed) for the bullet, and assume that the change in (mass x speed) for the gun must be the same.

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Q: When a 60g bullet fired from 5kg gun leaves with a speed of 500ms. Find the velocity with which the gun recoils?
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A 60grm bullet fired from a 5kg gun leapes with a speed of 500msfind the speed with whitch the gun recoils?

The momentum of the bullet is equal and opposite to the momentum of the gun. Momentum = mv. Bullet =mbvb Gun = mgvg These are equal, with their speeds in opposite directions. mbvb = mgvg vg = vb x mb/mg = vb x (60/5000) = 0.012 vb The recoil speed of the gun is 0.012 the muzzle speed of the bullet. The question says vb is "500ms", which is unclear. If it is meant to indicate "500 meters per second", then the recoil speed is (500 x .012) = 6 m/s.

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