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no force act on it

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Q: When a body is falling freely which force act on it?
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Will Archimedes' principle holds in a freely falling body?

Archimedes' principle refers to an object floating in a liquid. In this case, there is the downward force of gravity on the object, and the "buoyant force" as upward force. This is quite unrelated to "free fall", which means that no other forces than gravity act on an object.

What is the free body diagram of a body falling freely?

A free body diagram is a representation of how the forces that are acting on a point or particle interact. You place your point at the origin and then draw your forces with their tails placed at the point

How does force act upon a falling feather?

Gravity is working to pull the falling feather down to the ground.

What forces act on a falling object?

The forces acting on a falling body are gravity and air resistance.

What two main forces act of a marble while it is falling through oil?

Buoyant force viscous force

What is the definition of force in the 3 laws of motion?

for every force which act on one body action force there is an equal and opposite forces reaction force which act on same other body

What forces act on a falling leaf?

Gravity and air resistance.

Do action and reaction act on same body?

The force acting on an object "A" from outside is action force , and the reaction force is the force exerted by A to the outside object . Therefore, it is obvious that action force and the corresponding reaction force cannot act on one and the same body.

How does the centripetal force act on a satellite?

Centripetal force makes a satellite orbit a body.

What are the different forces acting on a body immersed in a liquid?

2 forces act on a body when it is ... Weight&buoyant force

What is an unbalanced force and a balanced force?

When several forces act on a body and the result of the force is zero it is considered to be balanced force.

Does any force act on a body at rest?

Gravity, pressure.