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When a bottle or can of soft drink is opened why does it pop?

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When a bottle of soft drink is opened why does it pop?

The fizzing or popping you hear when you open a bottle of soda is the carbon dioxide escaping. Shaking the bottle makes the bubbles rise to the top and come out more forcefully.

What is a palindrome for another name for a soft drink?

A palindrome which is another name for a soft drink is pop.

What is another name for a soft drink?

pop ,soda , carbonated drink ,all of these can be used as soft drink names , as for brands there are many as well

Is pop the palindrome for soft drink?

Yes, because 'pop' is a synonym for 'cola', 'soda', 'soda pop' or 'soft drink'. 'Pop' is a palindrome because it is spelled the same way backward and forward.

What did the soft drink call his dad?


Why is soda pop sometimes called a soft drink?

Soft drink is the standard name for a carbonated beverage; 'soda pop' is an old slang term for it.

What did the soft drink call its dad?

Soda pop.

Palindrome which means a bottled soft drink?


What is another word for soda?

Pop, soda-pop, carbonated beverage, soft drink.

Riddle a store that sell soft drink?

pop shop

What is a carbonated soft drink?

A carbonated soft drink is the same thing as a soda pop. This is a very popular beverage in many countries.

Is a soft drink a processed or a natural material?

Soft Drink or Soda Pop is a highly processed concoction of water, sugar, and flavour

Palindrome of a bottled soft drink?

One of the slang names is "pop".

How can you tell when pop goes flat?

When you drink it, there is no fizz. You can also shake an unopened bottle and look at the bubbles. If bubbles move from the bottom of the bottle to the top, the pop is not flat.

How can you use the cork in a sentence?

You pop off the cork on a wine bottle before you can drink it.

Why does a champagne cork pop off when the bottle is opened?

Champagne and other sparkling wines are carbonated, and as such it's under pressure inside the bottle. Removing the cork releases that pressure.

What does bottle pop mean?

In the 1950's people called a bottle of soda a "bottle of pop".

What is selena gomez's favorite soft drink?

Selena Gomez's favorite soft drink is Pepsi Max. Selena Gomez is an actress and pop singer. She started her career on the children's television show, "Barney".

Why does the gas rush to the top of a pop bottle when it is opened?

i don't think the gas stays inside the bottle forever. unless it doesn't open. then it stays in. long sentences short. yes it does

When was Baby Bottle Pop created?

Baby Bottle Pop was created in 1998.

How do you get the pop bottle in poptropica?

Play the shrink shot game that is beside shrink ray island and then hit the pop bottle hard to get the pop bottle

Element make up of a soft drink?

I think that it is acid in the soft drinks and other things that is made up in the soft drinks so that it tie up so the pop can taste better

How do you describe pop?

A soft drink (widely referred to as soda, pop, or soda pop) is a drink that typically contains no alcohol, and is usually referred to as a sugary drink. Soft drinks are often carbonated and commonly consumed while cold and or room temperature. Some of the most common soft drinks include cola, flavored water,sparkling water, iced tea, sweet tea, sparkling lemonade (or other lemon-lime soft drinks), squash, fruit punch, root beer, orange soda, grape soda, cream soda, and ginger ale.

What is an unused baby bottle pop code?

An unused baby bottle pop code is the special code from the baby botle pop message in a bottle code that's in the bottom part of your baby bottle pop in all the powder.I hope that answers your question.

Why do fizzy pop weigh more than flat pop?

Because gasses have mass and therefore weight. As a soft drink loses CO2, it loses mass and therefore weight.