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saturated solution

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Is maple syrup a liquid or solid?

maple syrup is a liquid not a solid as it is full of syrup

What is full form of 10 TDS in water?

total dissolved solid

What is the difference between a saturated solution and a concentrated solution?

Nothing more can be added to a saturated solution - the liquid is literally 'full up' with the solute being dissolved, so if you carry on adding the solute, it will not dissolve and the solution will not become any more concentrated. A concentrated solution has a very large amount of the solute in it (there is more solute than solvent), but it has not yet reached the point where no more solute can be dissolved. If you keep adding to it, the solute will dissolve.

What happens if you add more solute to a supersaturated solution?

I know this because our class just did a lab and I wrote a 15 page paper on this. Essentially, when you make a supersaturated solution, you heat a saturated solution up until it is realls UNsaturated, and then you add more solute to bring the heated solution CLOSE, but not TO, saturation. Then you cool the solution down gently, without agitating it, and if you're lucky, none of the solute will precipitate, making the solution, of course, supersaturated. Now, the balance between these particles is really frail. So if you add more solute to the supersat. solution, all of the originally dissolved solid(only the solid that you put in the hot solution) will crystallize. Basically, one moment there will be a tiny crystal in a test tube full of liquid, and the next moment the test tube will be half full with crystals. sooo....yeah

What pharse of matter are present in a glass of water that contains ice cubes?

liquid, solid and if the glass is not full, gas.

Is an egg a solid?

an uncooked egg... the shell is a solid... the egg white is liquid... the yolk is kindof like a balloon full of water... the insides are liquid... but the protective layer holding it together is semi solid. a cooked egg... is solid. you were referring to an unfertilized chicken egg correct? because if you werent i have no idea how to answer the others.

Can solid turn into a liquid?

First of all solid turns into liquid all the time. But to give you a familiar situation, check out you're freezer. It's full of ice. and I'm sure ice is solid. Have you ever tried taking out an ice cube out of you're freezer and put it in a cup, well if you did it'll probably turned into liquid. And will melt in a cup and you can drink it in the form of cold water. And that my friend tells you that solid can be turned into liquid. It also tells you that liquid can be turned into gas when it evaporates and that liquid is turned into solid,(when water turns into ice). Hope that answers you're question!

How are the particles in a solid liquid and a gas different?

The particles in a gas move faster and are full of energy. However the particles in a solid do not have as much energy and vibrate in place -Baarkullah Awan

Is it possible to have a container such as balloon to be half full of a gas?

No, it is not. Briefly there are three (common) states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas. Solid materials are just that -- solid. Liquid matter conforms to the sides and bottom of the container that it occupies, like a glass of water, which canbe half full. Gases, however, will "spread out" to all sides of the container they occupy. Using your example, the balloon cannot be half full because the gas will quickly conform to all of the sides of the container. A gas, therefore, will occupy a container that is technically always full.

What lipstick last longer solid or liquid?

It depends if you mean will last longer on your lips or lasts longer full stop. But the Liquid will last longer on your lips if you put a gloss on top.

Is the sun a solid?

it is a solid full of gas. not an real solid.

Do full liquid diets work effectively?

Liquid diets may work in the short run to rid the body of toxins, but this is not a long-term solution. Chances are high that any weight lost on a liquid diet will quickly be regained.

What measure the volume of large irregular solid?

The pieces are then dipped in a cup full of liquid volume measure, we have been frustrated. Archimedes law.

Can a Full Liquid Diet Really Work?

A full liquid diet can be a great plan to lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time, but as a long term solution it's not really all that great. Your body does need some real protein and fiber and doing nothing but juicing for a year can be dangerous if you don't talk to your doctor first. That said, as a short term solution and as a way to kick start a weight loss plan, a full liquid diet can be incredibly effective.

State three things the particle model says about liquid?

1.particles move very fast 2.full of co2 3.can be turn from solid to liquid in the same time(ice to water)

Why are full liquid diets used after surgery?

Full liquid diets often do ease gastrointestinal problems many experience after some surgeries. These types of diets and used to make the transition from clear liquids to solid food and should be followed for a few days or as advised by your doctor.

Solid sodium carbonate is put into a solution of acetic acid forming gas bubbles and a clear aqueous solution What is the balanced full molecular equation for this reaction?

This equation is: 2CH3COOH + Na2CO3 --> 2NaCH3COO + CO2 + H2O .

Why do coke and Mentos explode?

The reason Coke and Mentos explode in a frothy fountain of bubbles is due to the process called nucleation. Nucleation is the phenomenon where a dissolved gas in a liquid is able to come out of solution by forming in a crack, crevice, hole, or any small irregularity in the container. The stream of bubbles that can bee seen bubbling to the surface of a glass of champaign is a perfect example; the dissolved gas in the champaign comes out of solution by forming in small irregularities at the bottom of the glass of champaign. Mentos are full of extremely small holes on their surface, giving dissolved gas a place to form and turn into bubbles. When the Mento is dropped into the Coke, millions of bubbles of CO2 form instantaneously on the Mento's surface through nucleation. Thus, much of the dissolved CO2 in the Coke comes out of solution instantaneously and bubbles up to the surface, creating the wonderful fountain of soda that everyone loves!

Which is bigger a gallon full of liquid or a 2 liter bottle full of liquid?

A gallon is bigger

What is soild waste?

SIMPLE ANSWER Solid wastes are any discarded (abandoned or considered waste-like) materials. Solid wastes can be solid, liquid, semi-solid or containerized gaseous material. FULL ANSWERSolid waste means any garbage, refuse, sludge from a wastewater treatment plant, water supply treatment plant, or air pollution control facility and other discarded materials including solid, liquid, semi-solid, or contained gaseous material, resulting from industrial, commercial, mining and agricultural operations, and from community activities, but does not include solid or dissolved materials in domestic sewage, or solid or dissolved materials in irrigation return flows or industrial discharges that are point sources subject to permit under 33 USC 1342, as amended (86 Stat. 880), or source, special nuclear or by-product material as defined by the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended (68 Stat. 923) except as may be provided by existing agreements between the State of New York and the government of the United States (see section 360-1.3 of this Part).

What is sudsy ammonia?

Sudsy ammonia is just a mixture of regular household ammonia solution, water, and liquid detergent. One recipe is 2/3 water, 1/3 "full-strength" household ammonia, and a squirt of liquid detergent. A link for full instructions should be below this.

What equipment except Archumedes principle that can measure density of material?

An old instrument that works very well for solids and liquids is a pichnometer. It is a glass flask with a defined, exact volume and you determine the density by weighing the pichnometer full of water (known density at a specified temperature), the empty flask and the flask with a small amount of the solid or full of a liquid. Note: The liquid or solid should not dissolve in water. If the do, use a standard liquid of known density that will not dissolve the sample

Is a birdnest a solid?

All birds nests are a solid state of matter (not liquid, gas or plasma), constructed predominantly from solids (leaves, twigs, bark, etc) however, depending on the species of bird, the nest itself can be quite fragile and/or full of holes, so would not be considered "solid".

What fuel do rockets use?

Primarily there are two types of fuels used in most rockets today. The space shuttle, at liftoff, uses both. Solid fuel and liquid fuel. Solid fuel rockets are much like the bottle rockets you can buy in a fireworks store. Once they are lit, the burn all of the fuel available and then burn out. The 2 white rockets on the side of the orange tank holding the space shuttle are Solid Rocket Boosters. The large orange tank that holds the space shuttle is full of liquid full that the shuttle uses as it lifts off into space. That fuel is actually liquid.

What is the full form of DA gas?

denastic atomic