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Shooting blanks is a slang term to mean that when the guy ejaculates he doesn't have any sperm in the ejaculate. This situation could occur after a vasectomy. Where the guy can still ejaculate, and fluid still comes out, but there is no sperm in the fluid.

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Q: When a male is shooting blanks what does that mean?
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Can you get pregnant if your partner shoots blanks?

if you have sex with multiple partners(assuming not all of them are "shooting blanks") then yes otherwise if he is shooting blanks there wont be any baby batter for the love canal

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How can you tell when a man is shooting blanks?

When the girl does not get pregnant

When should a teenage boy get worried if he's still shooting blanks?

And how do you know you are shooting blanks? If you haven't been tested by a doctor, you don't really know.

Is shooting blanks bad for a thirteen year old?

No, this is normal.

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Can a man produce semen without sperm?

Yes, men can it's called shooting blanks.

How do you know if you are shooting blanks and not sperm?

It's very unlikely. If you are concerned you need to see a doctor.

How do you know if your shooting blanks?

Leave a sperm sample at the docs and they will tell you how many swimmers you have and how active they are.

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What does shooting blanks mean?

Shooting blanks has two meanings relating to sex: 1) due to a vasectomy or some condition, there is not enough or no sperm in his ejaculate; therefore he can not impregnate a woman. It is impossible to tell whether this type of shooting blanks is occurring unless the semen is taken to a lab to be examined under a microscope. 2) due to repeated ejaculations in one day -- your mileage will vary, but most guys place the number around four or five -- the man has all the feelings of an ejaculation but nothing comes out (or one drop does). His body is 'ejaculating' in the sense of the contractions and such, but he has so emptied his reservoir through repeated copulation (or whatever) that there is nothing left in him to squirt out -- and it takes some time to replenish the stock (two days for fully filling the tank). If you will pardon the gross comparison, shooting blanks is sort of like dry heaves. You have already vomited out the contents of your stomach, but the action still occurs. Thankfully, shooting blanks feels much nicer than dry heaves :)

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