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Q: When a strong acid and a strong base are mixed the reaction is?
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What will happen when a strong acid and base mix?

That's an exo-thermal reaction, when the strong acid and base mixed, the reaction is very vigorous.

What is the answer of process by mixing an acid and a base?

It usually depends on the strenght of the acid and base mixed. If you have a weak acid and a strong based mixed, you have neutralization reaction, in which H+ in acid is being neutralized by OH- in the base. Mixing a weak base and a strong acid does opposite, OH- is nutralized by H+. Usually these reactions are not complete and you have an equilibrium reactions. If both an acid and a base a strong you have a complete reaction in which water and salt are formed.

Can two bases react?

There are many things with a base could react. A base could react with an acid or foods for example.


When they are mixed together, a chemical reaction occurs. This chemical reaction is called neutralisation reaction. It is called so because they both neutralise each other to produce a salt and water. Also remember the following points.When a strong acid and weak base are mixed, the salt formed is an acidic salt.When a strong base and weak acid are mixed, the salt formed is a basic salt.When both the acid and base are strong, then the salt formed is a neutral salt .

What type of reaction occurs when equal quantities of acid and base are mixed?

When acid reacts with base, that is a neutralization reaction.

What makes an acid or base weak or strong?

A strong acid or base completely breaks into ions when mixed with water.

Which acid-base reaction will yield a neutral solution?

A strong-acid strong base reaction will yield a neutral solution at the equivalence point.

What products are produced in a neutralization reaction between a strong acid and a strong base?

Strong Acid + Strong Base ---> Neutral Salt + Water

What is it called when a strong acid mix with a strong base?

This is a neutralization reaction.

Is conjugated acid a strong acid?

No, a conjugate acid is simply a product of an acid-base reaction. Every base has a conjugate acid.

How is the reaction of cinnamaldehyde and acetone catalyed?

Either with a strong base or strong acid. Strong base would be faster.

What happens when an acid and base combine?

Answer the answer is when thay are mixed together a chemical reaction happens. Such as explosion occurs. When an acid and a base/alkali are mixed together, a chemical reaction known as neutralization takes place.