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It goes from a liquid to a solid.

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When a substance freezes it?

When a substance freezes it enlarges.

If a substance contracts when it freezes?

Density increases when a substance contracts as it freezes. The substance will have the same mass but with a smaller volume.

The temperature at which a substance freezes is lower than the temperature at which it melts?

Correct, the temperature at which a substance freezes is lower than the melting point.

Why when the water freezes the density goes down?

Its density goes down because when water freezes it expands.

What happens to energy when a substance freezes?

It is dispersed into the environment

Describe how the motion and arrangements of particles change as a substance freezes?

The arrangement changes because the freezing point. When something freezes it changes into a new substance and that is arranging it into a chemical change.

What is the motion and arrangement of particles in a substance change as the substanve freezes?

As a substance freezes, its particles attract each other and pull in towards each other. Their mobility slowly declines as the solid forms.

What is the change in state when a substance freezes?

Type your answer here..the shape and volume

Does volume change when substance changes states?

Yes. Usually when a substance freezes, or becomes a solid, it will decrease in volume, causing an increase in density. Water is an exception, which is less dense when it freezes/becomes solid.

A substance loses energy during what two processes?

A substance loses energy both when it freezes and when it heats up.

Why water is not used in thermometer?

Unlike any other substance, it expands when it freezes.

What do you write on a magnet work diagram for sublimation?

The Point The Substance Freezes Or Melts

Does the density of a substance affect how fast that substance freezes?

Yes it does affect, the denser the substance is, the lesser the temperature needed for it to be frozen . Hence . Density of a substance is indirectly propotional to the temperature it needs to be frozen.

What happens to heat energy when a substance freezes?

There is less of it and the rest gets trapped inside.

How does fresh water freezes faster than salt water?

When water has a substance dissolved in it, it freezes at a lower temperature. Salt water has salt dissolved in the water, so it freezes at a lower temperature than fresh water.

Why is the melting point of a substance the same as the freezing point?

The rate at which the substance melts determine the rate at which it freezes. other condition remain the same

The temperature at which a substance freezes is also its what?

The answer is that the temperature a substance freezes is also its melting point. Water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius into ice and if you heat ice up to 0 degrees Celsius it MELTS to give you water. Evaporation is the change from liquid to gas and condensation is the change from gas to liquid (for water this happens at 100 degrees Celsius).

What is Freezing water exothermic or endothermic?

Freezing is exothermic as a substance loses heat to its surroundings when it freezes.

How does the arrangement of particles change as the substance freezes?

the particles get attracted to each other and form a solid.

What is a type of change like melting?

A type of change like melting is a physical change of a substance. There is no chemical change when a substance melts, freezes, or evaporates.

What physical property is used to separate a gas from a liquid?

is a characteristic of a pure substance that can be observed with out changing it into another substance ex:a physical property of water is that it freezes at a temperature of 0degress C when liquid water freezes it changes to solid ice but it is still water

Are the melting and freezing temperatures of a substance the same?

Yes. A substance melts and freezes at the same temperature. Melting is as it changes from solid to liquid, freezing is from liquid to solid.

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