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It goes from a liquid to a solid.

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Q: When a substance freezes it goes from?
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The temperature at which a substance freezes is lower than the temperature at which it melts?

Correct, the temperature at which a substance freezes is lower than the melting point.

Does a substance gain energy when it freezes?


Why when the water freezes the density goes down?

Its density goes down because when water freezes it expands.

When a substance freezes does its thermal energy decrease?


What is the change in state when a substance freezes?

Type your answer here..the shape and volume

What is a substance that boils at 100 degree and freezes at 0 degrees?


Describe how the motion and arrangement of particles in a substance as the substance freezes?

The particles get attracted to each other, forming a solid.

A substance loses energy during what two processes?

A substance loses energy both when it freezes and when it heats up.

What do you write on a magnet work diagram for sublimation?

The Point The Substance Freezes Or Melts

Is an oyster ruined if it freezes in the shell?

yes it goes stale

What happens to the energy that is lost when water freezes?

It goes to the environment.

What substance freezes at a temperature of 15 degrees c?

A suitable mixture of salt water.