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Often it's an oxide. For example, carbon burns in air to form its oxides, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. However, there are other possibilities. Hydrogen burns in oxygen to produce water.

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Q: When a substance is combined with oxygen the substance is?
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Is copper oxide a compound?

Yes: it's a substance with two types of atoms that are chemically combined- copper and oxygen.

Is copper oxide compound?

Yes: it's a substance with two types of atoms that are chemically combined- copper and oxygen.

Is sodium phosphate a pure substance or mixture?

Sodium phosphate is a compound and not a mixture. It consists of sodium, phosphorus and oxygen chemically combined together into a pure substance.

Is energy in water from hydrogen molecules?

No. The hydrogen and oxygen in water are combined into a single substance; it does not get one property from hydrogen or another from oxygen but rather has its own unique set of properties based on how they are combined. It is unclear what "energy" you are referring to.

Does oxygen form a molecule?

The best known molecule that Oxygen forms is Water. Water is composed of 2 Hydrogen Atom that have combined with 1 Oxygen atom to provide a useful substance

If Hydrogen is combustible substance and oxygen is also combustible substance but the product water is non combustible substance Why?

When hydrogen burns, it is combining with oxygen. Once it has combined to form water, the molecule does not want to readily accept more oxygen atoms. Fire is rapid oxidation, so if it is already oxidized, it is done.

When hydrogen and oxygen are combined how many of these atoms are compounds?

An atom is not a compound. A compound is a pure substance that is composed of atoms of two or more elements chemically combined. The elements hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water, which is a compound. 2H2 + O2 --> 2H2O

Example of the mixture?

Anything that is not chemically combined but is in the same substance, i.e. oil in water, air (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Argon and other gases are not chemically combined.) and there are many more.

Is copper oxide a pure substance?

No, its a compound which is 2 or more elements combined. Copper oxide is copper + oxygen which are 2 separate substances.

What is a substance which contains atoms of two or more elements combined together?

Hydrogen and Oxygen are only two elements in water

How carbon monoxide and unburnt hydrocarbon made into less harmful substance?

Inside a catalytic converter they are combined with oxygen to form carbon dioxide and water.

Does silver oxide has the same properties of silver and oxygen?

NO because silver oxide is a new combined substance and its a coumpound so it does not have all of the properties from both.