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Q: When all colors of the light spectrum are present you see what color?
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What color light is made when all 7 colors of the are present?

White. It is also called the spectrum.

What is color spectrum?

a series of light and colors.

Longest wavelength in the spectrum of color?

The color red has the longest wavelength of all the colors in the light spectrum.

What colors make white when mixed?

All colors in the color spectrum make white. Black is the absence of color/light

What do you call a prism spreading out light into colors?

It is called Visible light Spectrum.

Is white light really white?

no it is not it is a mixture of all the colors in the color spectrum

What colors are reflected by a black shirt and a white shirt?

no colors is absorbed by a black shirt but instead it reflects all the colors in the spectrum of light while white shirt absorbs all the color in the spectrum of light.

What color does an object appear to be if it absorbs all the colors of light?

If an object absorbs all the colors of light, it will appear to be black. It is the reflected part of the spectrum that gives an object its color.

What is the color that only insects can see?

The color is a mix of all colors, including black, white, every color in the spectrum. it is the color of light. "white light" is a lie.

What color will reflect all colors?

The color that we see is not the color of the object in question, but the color of the light it reflects. This means that a "green object" absorbs all colors of the visible spectrum except for green light, which it reflects back to our eyes. White light is the combination of the entire visible spectrum combined. Thus a "white object" reflects all colors of light. On the opposite side of this question, a "black object" absorbs all colors of light, because "black" is the absence of color.

What 2 color makes white?

White as a color is the absence of all colors. You cannot mix any colors to make it. White as light is the inclusion all colors in the viable spectrum. The make white light you need to mix every color together as light.

What causes the different colors in the spectrum?

Visible light contains all of the colors with in the spectrum. The only way we see color is the bending and refraction of the visible light sending certain wave lengths back, which our brain interprets as different colors.