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Formic acid

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Q: When an ant bites a person which irritating chemical it injects into person body?
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When a bee bites it mainly injects?

formic acid

How do mosquitoes give malaria by biting?

Mosquito gets malaria parasite from the patient of malaria. Once infected, mosquito will carry the disease for life time. When mosquito bites you, it injects an anaesthetic chemical in the body of the host. During this injection, it injects the malaria parasites, in the body of host.

What is the acid called in an ant bite?

when an ant bites it injects formic acid in our body

What happens when edward bites Bella?

He does not bite her. He injects his venom into her heart after she gives birth to Renesmee.

What are some spiders that just bite?

No spider 'just bites'; if a spider bites, it injects some amount of venom, even if most of the time that venom is not poisonous to humans.

Plasmodium effects the mosquito or not?

yes. it injects into human. then when another mosquito bites same human, the plasmodium comes into that mosquito

What if a rattlesnake bites another rattlesnake can it hurt them?

no because they are immune to their own venom

What treatments are the most effective at relieving itching from chigger bites?

Chiggerex works very very well. Chiggers do not burrow under the skin. The bumps and redness are caused by a reaction to a digestive enzyme that the chigger mite injects into your skin. Nail polish will not kill them because they are not on the skin when the reaction has developed.

Where can I find chigger bite pictures online?

On the website they have pictures and slideshows of various bug bites. The website visual database would be usual in determining the bite. Further consult with a doctor if bug bites are irritating.

Do Argentine ants bite?

This should explain: An aggressive species, Argentine ant bites are not poisonous but can be irritating and cause allergic-type reactions in some people.

Can a person die if a koala bites?

No. Koalas do not carry diseases that are transmissible via bites.

How was renesmee born. was it a human birth or is there a vampire birth?

she would have been born like normal but edward bites her out of Bella when her spine breaks, then Edward injects Bella with vampire venom to save her from dying.