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yes it is still water because icicles are still water they just froze

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Q: When an icicle melts is it still water?
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When was The Icicle Melts created?

The Icicle Melts was created in 1994.

What freezes as it melts?

An icicle

What lives in water dies in summer and grows with it's roots up?

an icicle

What are formed by dripping water that freezes?

Icicle .

What is the change in entropy (S) when an icicle melts at 2 and degC?

Delta S= Delta H

Spears of frozen water?


Why is an icicle a living thing or a non living think?

An icicle (frozen water) is non-living.

How do you get the person to come out on stage 5 of questionaut?

Light the burner to melt the icicle. 1. Click the icicle at lower right, break it off and place it in the beaker. 2. Turn the gas valve left (counterclockwise) twice. 3. Click the matches, remove one, strike it on the box, then click to light the burner under the beaker. The icicle melts to water, the water boils to steam. 4. The fan opens the plug and the skater comes out. Click him when he is near the pole to get questions.

What is the other word for frozen water spike?


How is a duck like an icicle?

They both rely on water...

Does ice melts or dissolve in water?

Ice melts in water because the ice is below freezing and the water is above freezing (warmer than the ice) so slowly the ice melts in the water, but still cools it down a little. when it melts the water frozen in the ice form is added to the amount of water it was put in.

Is metal melting an example of a different substance being formed?

No. The same would be when water melts or freezes. It is still water.