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A reflection

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Q: When an object or wave bounces back off a surface through which it cannot pass?
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Light which bounces off the surface of an object is called?

When light changes direction as it passes through a boundary.

What occurs when a wave strikes an object or surface and bounces?

Waves bouncing off an object is called reflection.

How does light behave when it reflects off a surface?

The light bounces of a surface and into your eye so you can see the object.

What occurs when a wave strikes an object or surface bounces off?

Waves bouncing off an object is called reflection.

Is the law of reflection when light hits a surface at an angle it reflects at the left angle?

The law of reflection states that when an object bounces off a flat surface, the angle it at which it hits the surface will be equal to the angle at which it bounces away.

Why the object appear when you put the object in front of mirror?

light bounces off an object and on to the miorror surface where it is then reflected at the same wavelength as it was casted on to there with

How are waves reflected?

When an object hits through which it can not pass it bounces back

When light bounces of an object what is call?

it is the bouncing back of lights rays from surface. It is called reflection.

What is radiation or reflecting light?

When an object is radiating light, it means that the object produces light. When an object is reflecting light, it means that light "bounces off" the surface of that object.

When an air molecule bounces off an object it?

whe a air molecule bounces of and object it puts force in to the object that it bounce of

To reflect mean to absorb light waves?

when light bounces off of a bumpy surface, will you see the object the light is striking

Light that passes through an object is called?

Light usually passes through a transparent object. Similarly, light passes through the translucent objects but people cannot see through it.