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Q: When an object reflects the entire spectrum of light how does it look?
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What is bright?

the brightness of an object is the amount of light it reflects, the more it reflects the brighter it will be. Or the object could be giving out light, a vehicle head light for example

Why do some stars appear red?

generally speaking things appears the colors that they do because of two things, the way our eyes and brain perceive them and the way the object absorbs and reflects different wavelengths of the light spectrum. our minds interpret the light spectrum as the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo and violet and any combination of these colors. when light strikes an object, the object absorbs and reflects light waves, for instance if an object appears red to you, it's because the surface of the object absorbs all the other light wavelengths except red, which bounces back to our eye and causes the object to appear red. strangely enough, when all colors of the light spectrum are bounced back to us, we perceive the object to be white and when none of the colors are reflected, we perceive the object to be black!

A red shift in the spectrum of the light from an object indicates the object is moving where?

away from the observer.

What does a red shift in the spectrum of light from an object indicate about the object?

Usually, that the object is moving away from us. It may also mean that the light comes from a "gravitational well", that is, that the light has to escape from gravity before it reaches us - this will make the light lose some energy, and shift towards the red part of the spectrum.

How does albedo affects the behavior of solar radiation?

Albedo is the proportion of light that an object reflects.

Related questions

What color does not reflect any light?

Black. it absorbs the entire visible spectrum, whereas white reflects the entire visible spectrum.

What color will reflect all colors?

The color that we see is not the color of the object in question, but the color of the light it reflects. This means that a "green object" absorbs all colors of the visible spectrum except for green light, which it reflects back to our eyes. White light is the combination of the entire visible spectrum combined. Thus a "white object" reflects all colors of light. On the opposite side of this question, a "black object" absorbs all colors of light, because "black" is the absence of color.

What object reflects the most light?

Generally, a mirror, as it was literally created to reflect light. However, any white object reflects light (it appears white as it reflects all colored light in the visible light spectrum).

Why in Light refraction do black objects remain black?

Light "refraction" is the bending of light as it passes through a transmitting medium, Refraction has nothing to do with black objects. A black object reflects no parts of the visible part of the spectrum, it absorbs them all. A white object reflects all parts of the visible spectrum. A red object reflects the red part of the spectrum, absorbing the rest.

Why do object appear white?

A white object emits light in all/most of the visible spectrum evenly.Because it reflects all the light back.

What happens when a light hit a black object?

An object appears black because it absorbs all the colors of the visible spectrum. If we idealize the object to make it perfectly absorptive, it absorbs all of the white light that strikes it and reflects none. In the real world, some light is always reflected. If the object appears black or dark gray, then it reflects small amounts of all colors of the spectrum.

What does an object do to light so you can see it?

Reflects all light beams which have the wave length of the color of that object. Each color has a particular wave length in the electromagnetic spectrum.

If light reflects off an object what determines the color?

When light hits an object, some of the light spectrum is absorbed and some is reflected. The colour you see is the reflected light. The rest is absorbed. For example a red T shirt will absorb all the colours in the light spectrum a nd reflect red. Black absorbes all light and reflects non hence darkness and white is the reflection of the full spectrum. Orange is a blended reflection of Yellow and red.

What must light do so that you can see something?

When light falls on some object, then it absorbs all the colors of visible light spectrum except the color of the object itself which it reflects back (diffusion). So we see the color of the object .

What is is called when light reflects off from an object?

An Object which reflects light is called an illuminous object. e.g) The Moon: Reflects off sunlight

Why something looks blue?

It means the certain object absorbs all the colors on the Light Spectrum and only reflects the color blue.

What happen when light reflects?

When light reflects, on an object it bounces off of the object and you can see the object much more clearly.