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On 29 October 1923 in Ankara.

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What country did ataturk found in 1923?

The Republic of TURKEY (TURKIYE)

Who was overthrown by ataturk?

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk overthrew the Ottoman government who kept giving up land to the Allied Powers in World War 1. The Ottoman Sultan escaped Istanbul and went into exile never to be found again when Ataturk was near Yalova. The Sultan tried getting a British citizenship but never got approved. The British, French, Greek, Australians, New Zealanders, Russians, Arabs, and Armenians were all fought back by Ataturk to gain Turkish Independence. The Caliphate was not overthrown but banished by Ataturk. If Ataturk got his hands on the last Sultan, he would have hanged the Sultan for selling Turkey and the Turks to the West. In the end, Ataturk pursued and got good ties and friendship with his former enemies. The later Turkish presidents followed and are still pursuing a better tie and role in the west.

What capital did ataturk found in 1920?


Where is the country where the Trojan war may have started?

Troy was found in what is now called Turkey.

What did ataturk do?

He found Republic Of Turkey. Before the him, Turkey was an Islamic State. It doesn't matter because Turkey is going to be an Islamic State again, because our prime minister is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. :/

Where is republic found?

where is it found republic

Who found the country turkey?

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was founded Turkey in 1923. Also, he honored with the title of Ataturk or "Father of the Turks." However now Turkey is one of most popular place over the world for a tour. I Had a tour from there last year and thanks to our local agency Citadeltours I had a great tour memory.

What tribe found the Ottoman Empire?

Turkish tribe.

What is the definition of Seni seviyorum?

"Before you can have the definition of Seni seviyorum you need to know what language it is. It is Turkish for I love you , and found in a Turkish phrase book."

What is the meaning of word arslan?

Arslan is a boy's name found around the Middle East. It is originally Turkish and means Lion (in Modern Turkish, Aslan).

What nationality of the last name barut?

It is originally Turkish, but can be found in Poland as well.

Who found the republic?

James Madison

Which countries can the Congo Rainforest be found in?

There are six countries that the Congo Rainforest can be found in. They are Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea and Gabon.

Was Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Jewish?

AnswerNo. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was an Atheist born to a historically Muslim family. Some Islamist Anti-Semites in Turkey put forward the false claim that Atatürk was a Jew in order to support their ludicrous conspiracy theories that the creation of the modern Turkish Republic was a Zionist conspiracy to weaken Islam. Even if Atatürk were Jewish there would not have been any such conspiracy to tie him to.Additional Notes:His mother was a practising Muslim, so how could she be a Jew.Although there have been rumors that his mother was Jewish, popular belief is that he was a Muslim. Regardless what his religion was, he will always be the hero and founder of modern Turkey. This rumor was created by the followers of sharia who are against Atatürk and his revolutions. They resist modern Turkey. In such cases these fanatics make use of libel and slander methodology. Owing to the low education profile of the people in the country, they set black propaganda that causes confusion in the public mind and exploit these innocent people by saying that they carry out the actions on behalf of the God (Allah). The main reason is, Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK had stopped these scoundrels and their ancients to exploit the people in revolutions period. He tried to found a country that the "Republic is the supporter of the honorable helpless people and no need for illegal supports for those that make them dependent to illegal communities and resources." The idea of "instructing the people on how to fish instead of giving them fish" has pricked them and still it is pricking. Whatever his race or religion is, he is the right man for this country and this region. If Turkey and the countries in this region had followed his ideas and revolutions, ther would not be any dog fight around the region.He was born to a Turkish family in Thessaloniki, now in Greece.

The names that are found at the bottom of the treaty between the US and the french republic are?

The names that are found at the bottom of the treaty between the usa and the french republic are?

What three main language groups are found in the azerbaijan region?

Azerbaijan, Turkish, and Russian.

How do you spell turcoise?

Turquoise (sometimes spelled turquois) is the greenish blue color of a stone which was first found in Turkestan or other Turkish area. The word originally meant Turkish.

Where were rubies first found?

Czech Republic

Where is strahov stadium found?

Czech Republic

What industries can be found in the Dominican Republic?


What is the Czech Republic best known for?

castles found throughout what is know the ruins of the Czech Republic

What are the minerals found in The Democratic Republic of Congo?

choclate milk is found in the D.R.o.C

Has Lings Turkish delight always been made in China?

I live in Turkey, and I have never heard of Lings Turkish Delight. All I know is the ingredients and tools are only found in Turkey.

What did they do to the Turkish troops after the Armenian genocide?

absolutely nothing, they stood trial and were found guilty, but were not punished

Do giraffes live in the Congo?

Giraffes are found in several places of Africa, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They are also found in the Central African Republic, and northern Cameroon.

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