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Q: When and where did the Katherine Paterson go to college?
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Where did Katherine Paterson go to college?

askin questions LOL!... why did Katherine Paterson attend college

What school did Katherine Paterson go to?

Katherine Paterson, the author, received a bachelor's degree from King's College in Tennessee and a master's degree from the Presbyterian School of Christian Education.

What is the author Katherine Paterson's middle name?

Katherine Paterson's full name is Katherine Womeldorf Paterson.

What is the birth name of Katherine Paterson?

Katherine Paterson's birth name is Katherine Womeldorf.

Who was Katherine Patersons parents?


What wasd Katherine Paterson's huband's job?

Katherine Paterson's husband, John Paterson, was a Presbyterian minister.

When did Katherine Paterson die?

Katherin Paterson is still alive and is now 77 years old

How many grandchildren doe Katherine Paterson?

katherine paterson has 7 grandchildren

What is Katherine Paterson's email?

katherine paterson's email address is

What is Katherine patersons husbands name?

Katherine Paterson husband's name is John Paterson.

Who is Katherine Paterson's husband?

John B. Paterson

Where was Katherine Paterson born?

Katherine Paterson was born October 31, 1932 in Quing Jing, China