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Allstate Insurance was founded in 1931 in Northbrook Illinois. They sell home, auto, life and boat insurance.

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When was Allstate Insurance founded?

Allstate Insurance was founded in the year 1931. The Allstate Insurance Company was named after the Sears' tire brand and was headed by the first chairman Lessing J.Rosenwald.

When was the Allstate Corporation founded?

The Allstate Corporation was founded on April 17, 1931. They are one of the biggest insurance companies in the United States and have their headquarters in Illinois.

What types of insurance does allstate provide?

AllState provides Homeowners Insurance, Condominium Insurance, Renters Insurance, and Landlord Property Insurance.

Who founded Allstate Corp?

Robert E. Wood founded Allstate on April 17, 1931.

What is the allstate insurance id number?

the code for Allstate Insurance for renewing your car registration is 054

Where is the headquarters for Allstate Insurance located?

Allstate Insurance is a very popular insurance company among individuals living in the United States. The headquarters of Allstate Insurance are located in Illinois, specifically in the city of Northbrook.

What sort of insurances does Allstate offer?

The main types of insurance that Allstate offers are auto insurance, homeowner's insurance, and life insurance. These three are the ones that are most often advertised, but Allstate also offers other types of insurance such as flood insurance, business insurance, and condominium insurance.

Where can I find insurance for my one car?

I can find insurance at my local Allstate and they have the best deals. Currently I have no insurance and I need to get it. When I do I will trust Allstate!

What services does Allstate offer for renters interested in insurance?

The services that Allstate offers are in 4 main category. 1- Business insurance 2- Consumer household insurance 3- Allstate dealer services 4- Allstate roadside service.

Where can one get Allstate auto insurance quotes?

The best place to get Allstate auto insurance quotes is the Allstate website. One must enter his or her information in order to receive the quote. When can also call Allstate in order to receive auto insurance quotes.

Where can someone get a quote for building insurance?

Someone can get a quote for building insurance from a number of insurance companies such as Allstate Insurance. Allstate Insurance provides a number of insurance products for both consumers and businesses.

Where can one file online Allstate insurance claims?

Allstate insurance claims can be found by visiting the Allstate website, or an Allstate office in one's area. One can also find out about claims by calling the toll free Allstate line and speaking to a representative.

How much is allstate car insurance?

There is a great range of prices for each insurance policy, I would call a local Allstate insurance agent for a rate.

What does CSAA Inter-Insurance and allstate have in common?

Both Allstate Insurance Co. and CSAA sell insurance policies. They are not related to each other; they are competitors.

On the Allstate Home Insurance official webpage what insurance are offered for their clients?

Allstate offers a variety of homeowners insurances such as for renters, condominium, landlord, manufactured home insurance, and flood insurance. On the Allstate website you can select your state to see your available coverage options.

Is Allstate Insurance Company a Public company?

Allstate insurance company is a public company traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

What is Allstate auto insurance cancellation fax number?

The toll free telephone number for Allstate Insurance is 888-338-4358.

Does Allstate have boat insurance?

Allstate insurance insures all types of vehicles. They insure motorcycles, cars, RV's and even boats.

Does Allstate provide Mercedes-Benz insurance?

Allstate does provide insurance for the Mercedes Benz. Allstate provides both Bumper-to-Bumper Basics insurance as well as State Specific Coverage. Allstate also offers driver discounts such as the Safe Driver discount, Student discount, and Senior discount.

What different types of insurance does Allstate offer?

Allstate carries insurance for Autos, homes, motorcycles, boats, travel, personal and other things .

Does Allstate offer California car insurance?

Yes you can in fact get car insurance with Allstate in California. Please visit their website in order to get a quote.

What type of auto insurance discounts can I get with Allstate?

Allstate is a great provider for auto insurance. They offer great discounts for good drivers and multiple cars.

Do you know if Allstate writes insurance fot tow trucks owners?

Allstate is actually an all inclusive insurance provider.No matter what kind of vehicle you might be interested in covering Allstate can probably provide a policy for it.

Could you get direct auto insurance from All State Insurance?

Yes, you can get direct car insurance form Allstate. I would recommend talking with your local Allstate insurance advisor for more information on rates and coverage.

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