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Thursday, April 15 is the standard deadline for filing income tax returns in the United States.See below for the specific deadline for this year.

Generally, your tax return must be postmarked no later than April 15, or sent no later than that date if you're filing electronically. Sometimes the date is extended due to a weekend or local DC holiday.

In 2011, taxes must be filed by April 18.

In 2011 the IRS is giving you three extra days to file your tax return. This is due to a local-D.C. holiday known as Emancipation Day (celebrated on Friday, April 15). Thus, the tax deadline has been pushed to Monday, April 18, 2011.

Procrastinating with taxes is a familiar phenomenon, but if you don't pull it together before the deadline, things can get tricky. If you know you won't be able to file on time, or don't have the money to pay, don't ignore your taxes altogether. File an extension form on time and look into a payment plan. The IRS charges interest and does collect. Extensions of time to file (for 6 months), BUT NOT TO PAY, are virtually automatic, however you must estimate your tax due and make sure it is all paid when requesting an extension.

Taxes are paid throughout the year, by different forms of withholding on income (or payroll) and by estimated payments if self employed. Failing to do so is illegal, and incurs a penalty and interest charge. The tax filing is due by 4/15 of the year following the year being reported, for most people.

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Q: When are taxes due in the US?
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What is the date that income taxes are due in the US?

Income tax is generally due around the same time each year. In the United States, income taxes were due on April 18th, 2011. In 2012, taxes will be due one day earlier, on Tuesday, April 17th.

When are 2009 taxes due?

Federal Form 1040 is due April 15, 2010.Other types of taxes such as corporate taxes, estimated taxes, local taxes, property taxes, employments taxes, excise taxes all have their own due dates.

Do you have to file an extension if no taxes are due?

No it is not necessary to file for an extension when no taxes are due or you would be due a refund.

When are taxes do?

Federal income taxes are due April 15 of the following year.Most state income taxes are due the same day, but check with your state.Other taxes such as property taxes, estimated taxes, sales taxes, etc. each have their own due date.

Are taxes due on 1099 R income in NC?

are taxes due on ssa 1099

When are taxes due in the US in 2011?

Normally they are due April 15, but because of a holiday, those year-end 2010 returns will be due 4/18/2011.

When are Income taxes are due by?

April 15th is when yearly taxes are due. although an extension can be filed

When are s corp taxes due in the us?

The S Corp income taxes would be reported and due at the some time that your 1040 federal income tax return is due for the year 2009 April 15, 2010 are with the extension October 15 2010.

What are the Benefits of US free trade agreements?

Cheaper goods due to lower import/export taxes.

Are taxes due upon sale of lot in Florida?

Yes you know that the taxes are due when you sell property.

When are my income taxes due?

In the United States income taxes are due on April 15th. In the case that this date falls on a weekend or perhaps a statutory holiday, then the due date for your taxes would be the following business day.

When are these taxes due?

April 15th.

Can taxes be included in bankruptcy?

Some can. Federal income taxes due 3 years prior to filing, if the returns were filed when due, can be discharged. "Trust fund" taxes, such as withholdings for employees, cannot. Some property taxes may be.

How do hairdressers get away with not paying taxes?

They should be paying the taxes they are due to pay and if they are not doing this then they will eventually be caught, the back taxes will be collected and they will be punished for not paying the taxes due.If you believe someone is committing a criminal offence you should report this to the police.

When are 2008 taxes due?

April 15th

What is tax day?

The day your taxes are due.

What does it mean to pay property taxes in arrears?

Payment of property taxes in arrears means that the taxes are actually assessed, or considered payable and due, when the year that they cover is past or almost over. An example of this is if your taxes are due/payable in October but the taxes are for the period of January to December of the same year.

Deadlines to file 2007 taxes?

October 15, 2008. After that date, both the return and any taxes due are late. If you are due a refund, there is no penalty.

When are second quarter payroll taxes due?

Quarterly payroll taxes are due within 15 days of the quarter end. For more information on taxes and the IRS, feel free to contact me...

Can a trike be bought in the US and brought into Canada?

Yes, provided you declare the import to Canadian customs and pay any taxes that may be due.

When is tax return due?

It must be postmarked by midnight, April 15th. You can get an extension which will make it due October 15 but the taxes are still due on April 15. If you do not pay the taxes by April 15, the IRS will charge you penalty and interest on taxes due although they do not pay you interest for the moneys they hold during the year.

What date are taxes due?

Returns are due 4/15 =/- a day for weekends/holidays

What is the total of all taxes paid in the US?

feaderal taxes

If a US Citizen relocates to Canada due to her spouse being assigned by the US Government to a post in Canada can she work online for a US company without having to register for WH Taxes in Canada?

What is the population of Canada ?

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If what your asking is really