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When are the main extras needed to audition for Harry Potter 6?

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It is past time to audition as an extra for Harry Potter 6. The final installments of Harry Potter 7 were released years ago, and the series is done.

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No. The were asked to audition for it but there was no place for them in the film, unless they were extras.

You can't. Only people from the UK can audition for Harry Potter movies.

-You can only audition for roles in the Harry Potter movies, if you live in the United Kingdom, or Europe I believe.

go to and that will tell you where to send papers to audition for harry potter

Yes and no.Only British and Irish people could audition for the Harry Potter movies and as the United Kingdom and Ireland are in Europe they are European but so are Spanish people but they couldn't audition for the Harry Potter movies.Auditions and filming are completed.

Yes. You need a british passport to audition

Auditions are closed now for all Harry Potter films. There are also regulations about who can audition. For example, you must be British or Irish to audition.

Yes. There is a list of featured extras on both Mugglenet and The Leaky Cauldron.

Sorry, but all of the auditioning for the Harry Potter movies have been completed

Your religion doesn't matter. You have to be British or Irish to audition.

No, J.K. Rowling requested that there be only British actors in the Harry Potter series

Only UK residents can audition for the Harry Potter movies.

Harry Potter auditions has already finished i think ...

He could, but likely wouldn't.

If you have an agent, your agent will tell you. The audition is finished, though.

All parts for the last Harry Potter film have been cast. There will be no more auditions.

No more movies about Harry Potter are being made, so there are no auditions.

Yes. They are going to have to audition for a little aunt petunia

There aren't going to be any more Harry Potter movies and even if there were, they would cast in the UK.

There were no open castings for either part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. All roles were cast through agencies.

you can audition if your thirteen i know someone in my school who is younger than me and is 7 and got a part as an extra in harry ptter 6.

Find out when and where the audition is and go there in about 2 years

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