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On 24th of march 2012.

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Q: When are they going to write jamb?
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When are you going to write the jamb exams?

Jamb will writen on 24 of march 2012

When will the university of ilorin write its post jamb?

when will d university of ilorin post jamb will be writing

What are the subject to write in jamb for guidance and counseling?


Will DE applicants write post jamb in university of maiduguri?


When is post jamb of university of ibadan is going come out?


Is jamb 2009 results out?

No, not out yet and nobody knows when it's going to be out

What is a good sentence for the word jamb?

The door jamb was made of wood. We painted the fireplace jamb black.

What is a jamb?

A jamb is the frame surrounding a window or a door.

What is the homophone of jamb?

The homophone of "jamb" is "jam."

What is a homophone for jamb?

A homophone for "jamb" is "jam."

When was Jellia Jamb created?

Jellia Jamb was created in 1900.

When is jamb exames going to be written?

The JAMB exams are typically written once a year in Nigeria. The specific dates are published by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) on their official website. It is advisable to regularly check their website for updates on examination dates.